Double Trouble Fly Fishing for Lake Trout

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blog-June-26-2015-1-forest-fires-saskatchewanWe could have done better with our time today.  It was no ones fault but we didn’t fish much.  It’s simply that the fires down south keep getting worse and worse and closer as well.  The smoke finally showed up here and its clogging the lungs badly.


Ron got called to go fly supplies to Stony Rapids at 8 this morning.  He intended on getting back at 10 and we’d all go fishing.  We waited and he didn’t get back till 11.  The minute he got back and we were loading the boat he got called out again.  Most bush pilots that run this area are getting pulled from their normal duties to help fight the fires and Ron is picking up the slack.


blog-June-26-2015-2-ron-striker-bush-pilotAt 2 PM we got word that Ron wouldn’t be able to fish today.  This was a real bummer because though he works for Adventure Destinations he rarely has time to fish himself.  He was looking forward to this just as much as us.


At 3 PM we headed out with Brennan.  Brennan goes back to guiding clients tomorrow for the rest of our stay so we only had a few hours.  Remaining close to the lodge, we headed to the place where we caught lake trout a few days ago.



Austin Trayser Photo

Remembering the massive fish that chased my smaller laker here previously, I rigged two flies thinking, hmm, if this happens again perhaps the big boy will take the other fly?  At the first place I hooked up a small laker.  Like I was some sort of genius, as I brought him to the side of the boat, another laker was following and my dream plan worked.  I let the other laker back down and soon I had two on and landed them both!


We thought we were going to catch doubles all day after that but in fishing when things look easy they never are.  We caught a handful but no more doubles and no big fish.  Eventually the pike were calling.


blog-June-26-2015-4-brennan-kruger-pike-fishingWe had two boats again and Brennan and I fished a bay while RA and Austin went to another.  The light was bad for filming so they went fishing also.  Brennan and I put the spank of a heap of nice fish and shot a few pics.  None of the fish were huge but this will do any day.


blog-June-26-2015-5-selwyn-lake-lodgeThe smoke and clouds didn’t make for the pretty night we’ve been experiencing lately.  We ate a huge dinner and followed it up with a scrumptious desert, something I rarely eat.  Then we crashed early and we plan to fish our hardest yet tomorrow.  Stay tuned. . . .


A special thanks to RA Beattie Outdoor Productions and Adventure Destinations for bringing me along on this incredible adventure to Saskatchewan!

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