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“Bearless” in Yellowstone

blog-April-26-27-2014-1-victor-idahoWe’re amidst a week of horrendous weather here in Victor, Idaho.  There have been a lot of days where the temps barely broke the 30ºs and there have been a few inches of wet nasty snow to shovel off the deck.  Granny and I planned to go to Yellowstone for our annual spring trip (See 2010, 2011 and 2012) to see bears and camp around Cooke City, Montana for the weekend but the forecast made us cancel.  But, at 3 PM Saturday after both working around the house on various things and freezing our butts off (we turn the heat off on April 1 no matter what) we decided a four hour drive in a nice warm car in the snow just might be a fun adventure.  We headed to Yellowstone on a whim.


blog-April-26-27-2014-2-bison-in-yellowstoneNo doubt, about ten times as we drove up through Idaho past the Henry’s Fork and to West Yellowstone we thought about turning back.  The snow and rain and sleet were horrible.  We entered the West Gate around 6 PM and the visibility was so bad the only animals we could see were nearly crossing the roads.  That included bison and more bison.


blog-April-26-27-2014-3-silver-gate-montanaBy the time we got up to Lamar Valley, our favorite bear haunt, it was almost dark.  It was before 8 but the clouds and crap falling from the sky were so thick they blocked out the light.  We rolled out the Northeast Entrance of Yellowstone at dark and stopped at the church between Silver Gate and Cooke City and borrowed their tiny porch to make dinner.  It was cold and damp to say the least.


blog-April-26-27-2014-4-miners-saloon-cooke-city-mtThe reason we cooked dinner outside is because most years our favorite bar in Cooke City, the Miner’s Saloon, isn’t serving food during off-season.  We figured we’d eat a nice meal then head to the bar for a few drinks.  Let’s just say in the future we’ll check their website.  The Miner’s Saloon was holding its end of the winter season bash with a band, tons of food and $3 micro brews!  The place was packed like the 4th of July!


blog-April-26-27-2014-5-yellowstone-in-aprilWith a belly full of Granny’s scrumptious Thai soup all we had to do is settle up to the bar.  We planned on a beer or two but it was much cozier in that bar than to rush for the back of the Exploder.  By now it wasn’t just snowing out, it was dumping enough we thought it was possible that the Park would close and we’d be trapped in Cooke City a day or two.  Luckily when we woke up this morning that wasn’t the case.  It was more of a drive the roads of Yellowstone at your own risk – I much prefer this option.


blog-April-26-27-2014-6-yellowstone-npOur 24 hour adventure didn’t produce a single bear this year.  That’s our first complete skunk.  But we got out of town together and had a blast at the Miner’s Saloon.  Sometimes it’s a simple adventure like this gets you through the bad spring weather of April.  Now it’s back to the paintbrush and writing a book. . . .


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Bhutan & Henry’s Fork Marathon 2014

blog-April-24-2014-1-jeff-currier-fish-artI’m loving life on the home front. The songs of robins, sandhills, red-winged blackbirds and the meadowlarks have brought Teton Valley back to life. But other than a few rides on the bike I’ve kept myself inside writing my book and catching up on the artwork while watching the Cubs lose games in remarkable fashion.

blog-April-24-2014-2-flyfishing-warmwaterI wanted to mention that my Henry’s Fork Marathon will be a few days late this year (see Marathon 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013). Granny and I will be chasing the warmwater fish back on Lake Winnipesaukee on the longest day of the year for my parents 50th Anniversary. The Marathon will be July 1. We’ll be meeting up in the Last Chance parking lot around 7 AM that day but bring some beers and dogs for around the fire in the gravel pits the night before – everyone is welcome.

blog-April-24-2014-3-jeff-currrier-with-golden-mahseerLast post I mentioned the chance I’d be headed mahseer fishing again – it’s official. Me and friend Mike Dawes are headed for Bhutan on May 15th as part of an expedition with the WWF as guests of the Prime Minister. This should be yet another mind blowing experience!

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Laying Low in April

I’ve been quiet since returning from Sudan.  I came home to heaps of work.  If you look back at my 2014 schedule I’ve been home a mere 15 days.  That will put anyone behind in the normal day life.


blog-April-18-2014-Jeff-and-Charles-CurrierI also spoke to Boston Fly Casters in Massachusetts just the other night.  So I barely got home from Sudan then it was off to the East Coast.  Fun thing about speaking to Boston Fly Casters is that my dad belongs to this long historic club.  Due to his health he hasn’t been to a meeting in years.  This is a sport jacket and tie club and I had to borrow one from dad.  So why not bring him along also?


We had a great time.  My program was “Fly Fishing through Midlife Heaven”.  I’m not sure dad knew all the places I’ve been in the last few years.  He knows now and said he loved the show.


blog-April-18-2014-wolfeboro-new-hampshireAfter a nice weekend in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire I’m back in Idaho and settling in for a month.  I plan to work my butt off on my book, “The First 50 Years”, catch up on art, work in the yard and get some well needed rest.  I’m sure I’ll sneak out on the water a few times but runoff starts any minute and fishing isn’t the best once it starts.  As far as fishing I may just have to focus on packing for mahseer in Bhutan.  Bhutan you say?  I’m crossing my fingers – stay tuned!


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Fly Fishing in Sudan Comes to and End

blog-March-31-2014-1-flyfishing-in-sudanI’ve made it all the way back to Victor since my last post.  Man that was a long trip around the world.  Going is always fun and the travel goes unnoticed.  But heading home – its grueling.  After a fun last night on the mother ship the route was boat to shore (15 minutes), bus to Port Sudan (3 hours because the bus driver stopped for lunch in Suakin) then a long 5 hour sweltering wait for our plane that was two hours late.  We flew 1 hour to Khartoum, Sudan and had a one hour stay on the plane layover.  Then 5 hour flight to Dubai.


blog-March-31-2014-2-flyfishing-the-nubian-flats-sudanI had a 23 hour layover in Dubai.  I wrote my blog and took it easy.  Then flew 16 hours to Atlanta.  Then 4 hours to Salt Lake City and 1 hour to Jackson Hole.  I was delirious on the drive home.  So delirious I chose a Dairy Queen burger over McDonalds – strange move.


blog-March-31-2014-3-Suakin-SudanIt’s all worth it however.  I’ve added two new countries to my fished list, United Arab Emirates (my 48th country) and the Nubian Flats of Sudan (49th).  I’m not sure on the new species number yet but there are at least ten.  Best of all it was a great trip with old friends and new friends.


blog-March-31-2014-4-tourette-fishing-fight-it-in-africaIf anyone wants the adventure of their lives contact me or Tourette Fishing – Fight it in Africa.  Perhaps you want to fish the Nubian Flats of Sudan, giant tigerfish of Tanzania, threadfin in Gabon or yellowfish in Lesotho.  Let us know.  You just might be sharing time with me.

 Here are some more pictures from the trip.

blog-March-31-2014-5-flyfishing-the-nubian-flatsAlexey and Nicolay with a bohar double!

blog-March-31-2014-6-flyfishing-sudanThe Nubian Flats of Sudan

blog-March-31-2014-7-red-sea-surgeonfishA sohal surgeonfish (Red Sea surgeonfish)

blog-March-31-2014-8-flyfishing-sudanLife in Suakin, Sudan

blog-March-31-2014-9-jeff-currier-flyfishing-for-triggerfishAh. . . . That yellowmargin triggerfish!

blog-March-31-2014-10-flyfishing-east-africaChris Rooseboom is ready!

blog-March-31-2014-11-peacock-grouperThe tale of a coral trout

blog-March-31-2014-12-flyfishing-with-tourette-fishingEndless flats in Sudan

blog-March-31-2014-13a-mark-murray-jeff-currier-and-milkfishThe fish of the trip – Mark Murray’s milkfish

blog-March-31-2014-13-flyfishing-in-sudanEric Heyns & Chris Rooseboom – bluefin trevally double

blog-March-31-2014-14-flyfishing-the-red-seaPort Sudan, Sudan

blog-March-31-2014-15-flyfishing-sudanLife on the Red Sea

blog-March-31-2014-16-snapper-flyfishingBlack Spot Snapper or Dory Snapper – (Lutjanus fulviflamma)

blog-March-31-2014-17-flyfishing-for-bluefin-trevallyBluefin trevally release

blog-March-31-2014-19-wrasse-red-seaRed Sea wrasse

blog-March-31-2014-20-jeff-currier-flyfishing-for-snapperSmiling with the two-spot red snapper (bohar)

blog-March-31-2014-21-flyfishing-the-nubian-flatsThe end of and epic trip to the Nubian Flats of Sudan

Thank you Tourette Fishing – Fight it in Africa


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