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Arrival in Guyana

blog-Oct-31-2014-1-cara-hotel-guyanaIf not for the stopover in Trinidad where Tim Brune and I were required to stay on the plane, the Caribbean Airlines flight from Miami to Georgetown, Guyana wouldn’t have seemed so long.  Instead, the four hour thirty minute flight extended to six and a half hours.  And we unexpectedly were required to sit on the plane during the two hour layover.


But that’s travel and generally the end result is worth it.  Tim and I have just checked into the Cara Hotel.  Despite being tired and its late, we’re about to grab a beer and have a look around.  Ah the curiosities of being in a new country!


blog-Oct-31-2014-2-flyfishing-guyanaWe wont venture too long however because we head for the jungle at 6 AM.  This will be a small plane flight that has us at camp around 9 AM.  We’ll get set up and after orientation and lunch; Tim and I will get an afternoon of fishing


This will likely be the last entry until we get out of the jungle on November 9.  Once out, expect the day by day accounts!


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Headed for Arapaima in Guyana

blog-Oct-30-2014-flyfishing-in-guyana2014 has been a heck of a travel year – five new countries on five different continents.  This morning I’m headed for Miami where I’ll catch up with good friend and fellow Victor resident Tim Brune.  Tim is flying in from a permit trip down in Mexico.  We’ll sleep there tonight then tomorrow continue on to the small South American country of Guyana.


Guyana is one of the countries up top of South America and you’ll see its southern portion dips deep into the rainforest.  As the crow flies, the area we’ll be fishing is close to where I fish in the Brazilian Amazon.  But here one of the largest freshwater fish in the world, the arapaima, is abundant.  And you guessed it, Tim and I will be doing our best to land a few on the fly.


The 12-weight Winston’s and several Ross and Abel’s are ready to hang on for dear life.  Each rig has a Scientific Angler line with an 80lb core – custom made just for my trip.  Thanks guys!


Stay tuned for what I hope will be an amazing blog!


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Guide Season Ending Party Hits Thermopolis

blog-Oct-24-2014-1-flyfishing-the-bighorn-riverOctober 24-27, 2014

The hardest part about leaving my fly shop job of twenty-three years exactly five years ago this weekend wasn’t fear of failing in self-employment.  It was leaving my fellow employees that happened to be my best friends.  Folks who I saw every morning and spent all day with for years.  What if the end to our daily time together slowly separated us?


Well great news.  Everyone I worked with is still in my cell phone, my email address book and we find time to fish.  Fishing with friends and family is one of my most enjoyable things in life.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA little history.  I left the Jack Dennis Fly Shop in October 2009.  I loved that job and thought I’d retire from there.  But Jack and the owners made some strange moves and had more bizarre plans for the future.  Their new philosophy made no sense so I gave my notice and hit the world of self-employment.  The move was a smart one and life is better than ever.


blog-Oct-24-2014-3-scott-smith-flyfishingSure enough, by 2010 the Jack Dennis Outdoor Shop unraveled.  By 2011, like me, nearly all my fishing personnel had left.  In 2012 Scott Smith, my head guide, along with a few other of my past employees, purchased the Jack Dennis Fly Shop guiding permits and opened their own company, Grand Teton Fly Fishing.


Under Scott’s great leadership, they are taking off as the leading fishing guide service in all of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Check out Grand Teton Fly Fishing on the web and be sure to include them as part of your next visit to Jackson Hole.


blog-Oct-24-2014-4-flyfishing-the-wind-riverOne event I started with the guys back in 1990 was an end of the year fishing party.  I organized the crazy guide and employee bash for nineteen straight years.  We looked forward to this as our top trip of the year.  After I left the party went away.  In 2012 (again in 2013) Scott and Grand Teton Fly Fishing brought it back.  And despite doing my own thing, they’re keeping me in this wild event.  This weekend nine of us headed to the Bighorn River in Thermopolis, Wyoming.


blog-Oct-24-2014-5-flyfishing-the-bighorn-riverAfter a four hour drive we arrived at 2 PM on Friday afternoon.  Scott led us to a fantastic house he rented right on the river.  We envisioned quickly getting organized and doing a long float that afternoon.  But hot sun and cold beers led us to some relaxing porch time before we launched the boats for a short evening float.


blog-Oct-24-2014-6-flyfishing-wedding-of-the-watersIt’s hard to believe but it was warm enough for wet wading.  I hopped in the boat with blog regulars Tom Montgomery and Trey Scharp and we caught more than a dozen quality rainbow trout and cutthroats on dry flies till dark.  Although the fish were munching tiny baetis, the fly of choice and one I can always see, was a size 18 parachute Adams.


blog-Oct-25-2014-6a-flyfishing-the-bighornAfter a fun night of pool and the World Series at the Days Inn Safari Club we managed to get up early and hit the water Saturday.  It was easier than you may expect due to the fact that our boats were anchored in front of our house.  All we had to do was load up and push off.


blog-Oct-25-2014-7-flyfishing-wyomingDespite warm conditions, Wyoming winds of fall kicked in early.  The few bugs that started to trickle off around 11 ended up blowing to Nebraska and few fish could be found.  That’s when the boats tied up together and we drifted and shared our stories from summer.


blog-Oct-25-2014-8-rising-troutThe wind didn’t last past 4 PM.  In an hours’ time the wind stopped altogether and the baetis hatch came on in full force.  Big rainbows, cutthroats and brown trout started feasting along every bank and in pods of ten or more in tail outs.  Some of these fish literally stuck out their heads with the mouth open and let the bugs float in several at a time.  They were easy targets for a group of experienced anglers and we had an evening we’ll remember for long time.


blog-Oct-25-2014-9-flyfishing-guides-partyAfter fishing we returned to the house and feasted on burgers and cast rods in the dark till the wee hours of the morning.  The rods became too easy so around 1 AM we took turns casting a WF5F with our hands.  By bedtime some of us were heaving nearly the entire line!


blog-Oct-26-2014-10-bighorn-river-wyThe group was slow to emerge on Sunday.  It wasn’t only the late night of beer and wine, but casting as far as you can both with and without a fly rod for hours on end stretches a few muscles you don’t know you have.  It took eight pots of coffee and Ben Brenann’s weighty breakfast to get us moving to the water.


blog-Oct-26-2014-11-flyfishing-thermopolis-wyThe float turned into more of a party day than the first two.  Saturdays wind seemed light compared to Sundays.  The normally pleasant flowing Bighorn became a sea of whitecaps and we heard reports of wind gusts up to 60 MPH in the area!  We certainly recall many boat-tipping gusts up to 40.


blog-Oct-26-2014-12-flyfishing-with-neil-chamberlainWe’re a hearty bunch and dangerous or not, huge streamers zigzagged through the air past tightened hats and sunglasses.  Although the weedy Thermop section of the Bighorn isn’t ideal streamer fishing, a few nice fish were caught including this dandy of a rainbow by Neil Chamberlain.


blog-Oct-27-2014-13-flyfishing-with-ben-brenanMost the boys returned to Jackson Sunday night.  Tom, Scott, Ben and I remained one last night and fished the Wind River Canyon today.  Wind River Canyon is on the Wind River Indian Reservation and here you need a special permit/license and recreation stamp to fish.  We purchased them for one day at our friend Darren Calhoun’s shop.  His shop is on the left just as you approach Thermopolis.  Darren is the only outfitter that can guide float trips on the Reservation parts of the Wind River.  I recommend every angler treat themselves to this trip at least once in their lives.


blog-Oct-27-2014-14-wind-river-canyonWe wade fished on our own and although last year was better we all caught nice fish.  I stubbornly stayed with a dry fly for the few hours I fished.  Once again we had an incredible baetis hatch and I saw numerous grass hoppers.  But all that and I only saw one rising fish.  It was this hefty cutty but he’d be my only catch today.


blog-Oct-27-2014-15-flyfishing-wind-river-canyonThe four of us headed on the four hour drive home around 5 PM.  We soon realized this was the last weekend of summer.  On Togwotee Pass we hit snow and ice and saw the first flipped car of the 2014/2015 winter season.  Luckily it was none of us and further good news, Tom and I stopped to help and found no one was hurt.


blog-Oct-27-2014-16-grand-tetonsWhat an incredible four days with pals.  Now I have two days to get my gear in line and prepare for the next fishing trip.  On Thursday I leave for Guyana where I’ll hope to nail my first arapaima, one of the world’s largest freshwater game fish!


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On a Day when I wasn’t Supposed to be Fishing!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASure, lake trout get much bigger than this – but pretty cool when I wasn’t even supposed to be fishing today.  The 27 incher was an incredible fight on my 6-weight Winston and old Ross Arius Reel.  The mackinaw are close to shore at the moment because of the recently cooled water temps.  I was using my Scientific Anglers Stillwater line and hand crawling two Vladi Nymphs on 0X Flouro.


blog-Oct-22-2014-2-flyfishing-for-mackinawCheck out the new fly rod species section on my website.  Not only will this section list all the species I’ve taken in fresh and salt water, but eventually you will be able to click on each fish and find tips on how to catch them.  This will take years to complete but lake trout is up and running.


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Fly Fishing the Muskegon Chinook Run

blog-Oct-17-2014-1-chinook-salmonThe minute I finished up my PowerPoint presentation for the Kalamazoo Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited Thursday night, Terry Wittorp, Kevin Thompson, several other club members and I headed for the Muskegon River.  The Muskegon is one of Michigan’s tributaries to Lake Michigan and has excellent runs of steelhead, brown trout and Chinook salmon.  It was time to add a Chinook to my life list.


blog-Oct-17-2014-1-muskegon-riverEarly Friday morning nine of us launched three drift boats just below the dam.  I hopped in with Terry and Kevin and off we went into some of the prettiest fall colors you can imagine.  Like at home, the weather is unseasonably warm here and today skies were cloudy but around 60°.


blog-Oct-17-2014-3-egg-sucking-leechI was chucking my 7-weight Winston with two streamers.  On the bottom I had a Clouser and up top a purple egg sucking leech.  After an hour of no action, Kevin suggested we pull over and nymph one of his favorite runs.


blog-Oct-17-2014-4-flyfishing-the-muskegon-riverKevin was rigged with two weighted nymphs and he drifted them under a leaning oak with its leaves absolutely glowing.  He quickly hooked up to an infuriated Chinook that jumped and ripped him downstream deep into his backing.  Terry climbed out with the massive net while I took the rowers seat just in case we needed to chase.


blog-Oct-17-2014-5-kevin-thompson-chinook-salmonA five minute battle then a rodeo net job took place.  It’s easy to understand the difficulty of netting this fish – he’s huge!  While many of the Chinooks are in their last days of life, this one was fresh out of the big lake.


blog-Oct-17-2014-6-flyfishing-michiganFishing was slow after Kevin stuck his salmon.  At 2 PM we pulled off for an epic cookout lunch and at least five bottles of fine wine handpicked by Terry to match all the lunch courses.  I quickly realized that like the end of the year party with my friends (next weekend by the way), eating and drinking was our priority – my favorite kind of trip!


blog-Oct-17-2014-7-flyfishing-for-chinookWe didn’t finish the lunch party until 4 PM and we had some serious ground to cover in the boats before dark.  We took turns rowing and tossing streamers and for a brief hour or so we caught a handful of brown trout.  About halfway to the take out we got into another of Kevin’s hot salmon spots.  It was getting dark but he knew the trough that they likely rested in.  I tossed a cast with his nymph rig and hooked and landed a small Chinook – cross this species off the list!  The guys went on to land several more including this beaut that Terry caught.


blog-Oct-17-2014-8-flyfishing-in-michiganWe fished both yesterday and today.  I caught my one Chinook and several brown trout on the streamer.  Today was in fact my birthday and while you’d expect to hear I fished till I dropped, it was quite the opposite.  I slugged a couple brews, sipped some of Terry’s wine, ate uncontrollably, smoked a stogie and rowed for most of the day.  All the time I couldn’t take my eyes off the incredible scenery.  And might I add, I loved every minute of it.


blog-Oct-18-2014-jeff-currier-in-michiganI’m on the way back to Idaho bright and early tomorrow.  My slate is full with artwork, yard work and preparations for arapaima fishing in Guyana.  I expect to get caught up and spend next weekend over in Thermopolis with my old fly shop crew.  It’s another end of the year party!


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Fly Fishing Speaking Tour Begins

blog-Oct-14-2014-1-flyfishing-speakerThe official end to summer hits me when I head out of town to do my first speaking engagement of the winter season.  That’s today.  I’m packed and ready to head to the Idaho Falls airport and head for two gigs.


Tomorrow night I speak to St. Joseph River Valley Fly Fishers Club in South Bend, Indiana.  I’ll kick it off by decking out a Cliff Fly Box during cocktail hour that I’ll donate for their fundraiser.  Then I’ll present my all new “Fly Fishing through Midlife Heaven” PowerPoint presentation.


blog-Oct-14-2014-2-jeff-currier-flybox-artThen on Thursday night I’ll be speaking up in Kalamazoo, Michigan to the Kalamazoo Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited.  Only they’ll be getting the all new “Trout Bumming the World”.  This includes many great destinations from Australia to Mongolia and it will be the public’s first look at my adventures in Bhutan back in May and Iceland in August.


Both shows were fun to put together and are guaranteed to blow everyone’s in attendance mind!  If you’re in the area be sure to check out the links above for details on how to attend.


blog-Oct-14-2014-3-flyfishing-in-mongoliaAlways keep me in mind if you have an event in need of a fly fishing speaker.  On my website you can see my 2015 schedule, my updated presentation list and booking instructions.


And when in Michigan you must fish.  After the work is done I’ll be heading north for a couple days of steelhead and salmon fishing with friends – can’t wait!


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Fly Fishing Belize by Jim Klug


blog-Oct-12-2014-1-flyfishing-belizeI received a heavyweight package in the mail today from my friend Jim Klug.  In the carefully wrapped bundle was Jim’s new book, Fly Fishing Belize.  If only I’d walked to the post office instead of riding my bike.  This book is so full of information and Jim’s own stunning photography that pedaling home with the masterpiece nearly sent me over the handle bars several times.


Once home I grabbed a seat on the porch expecting to make a quick glance.  Instead I was so impressed I browsed every page taking more than two hours.  I’ve seen a lot of fly fishing books hit the streets in recent years but none as captivating as this.


blog-Oct-12-2014-2-flyfishing-for-permitFly Fishing Belize provides an in-depth look at all the country has to offer anglers, information on the fish and fisheries, fishing advice, maps, history and writings from several long time anglers to Belize including Lefty Kreh.   All held together with Jims amazing photography of the fish and the fishing, landscapes, people, flies, tackle and the list goes on.  This book speaks to those who have been to Belize and will send those who haven’t into a tail spin doing anything they can to make the trip happen.


blog-Oct-12-2014-3-jim-klug-belizeWith Christmas around the corner and saltwater fly fishing season just kicking off I wanted to showcase Jim’s new book on today’s blog.  The book is a must-have for both saltwater flats anglers and non-anglers who truly appreciate the scenic beauty of this Caribbean country.  Fly Fishing Belize is hot off the press and now available at Jim Klug Outdoor Photography.


Jim Klug is the founder and Director of Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures, an incredible photographer and the mastermind behind Confluence Films stunning cinematic fly fishing adventure films.


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More Lake Trout Needed!

blog-Oct-10-2014-1-jenny-lakeFly fishing Jenny Lake in October is do dang special with the Tetons before your eyes on every cast that a trip to Jackson Hole for a few errands turned into a full afternoon and evening skipping out on work. . . . Again!

blog-Oct-10-2014-2-flyfishing-with-trey-scharpToday I went with my pal Trey Scharp.  Trey is so busy guiding and running the Flat Creek Ranch all summer we rarely fish together these days.  Fishing was fantastic but we took some time to relax and visit between sessions.

blog-Oct-10-2014-3-flyfishing-for-lake-troutThe lakers from Wednesday have long been devoured so I gathered a few more.  One was as fat as they come!

blog-Oct-10-2014-4-lake-trout-tacosGranny’s special lake trout fish tacos!

blog-Oct-10-2014-5-lake-trout-artBe sure to check out the new part of my website on fly fishing for lake trout.  Its going to take some time but I’ll be adding my views, experience and techniques for most fish species in the near future.

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Indian Summer Lake Trout Fishing On Jenny Lake

I struggle with self-employment in October.  This is the best time of year to fly fish my home waters.  Furthermore, this week we’re having one of the nicest Indian summer weeks of all time with temps in the 70°s.  Today I said screw work and headed to Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park with Josh Gallivan and his photographer pal Ryan Sheets (enjoy Ryan’s photo below and be sure to check out his website!).


Most fly fishers hate lake fishing for a lot of reasons but I think it’s because of wind.  I like at least some wind otherwise the fish are far too spooky.  But today was the average anglers dream.  We didn’t have one ounce of wind the entire day.  Jenny Lake was absolute glass.


blog-Oct-8-2014-2-flyfishing-for-lake-troutWe could have fished from Josh’s boat but its lake trout on the fly season.  I prefer to fish fall run lakers from shore.  This time of year the fish are in close.  We slipped into one of my favorite areas and sure enough there were lakers patrolling the shoreline. We could see them plain as day with the undisturbed surface.  And sure enough, they were extremely spooky.


blog-Oct-8-2014-3-jeff-currier-jenny-lakeWe arrived at 10 AM and for the next six hours we cast to cruising lake trout.  Actually, they were so spooky that we had to cast out when no fish were in sight then wait till we saw one.  It was tricky because sometimes you waited too long and got snagged on bottom.  When everything worked you could strip your streamer, or in my case, hand-twist my nymphs to them.  The method didn’t work every time but by the end of the day Josh and I landed about 25 fish.


blog-Oct-8-2014-4-flyfising-for-mackinawWhile all of our lakers were small as far as lake trout go, it was still great fun.  We’ll never know what the deal is, but we see hundreds of these tiny 18” lakers and a few that look to be around 25”.  Seeing and casting to a real trophy is rare.  That being said, Josh and I chased three different big ones that I’d estimate in that 12-15lb range (still small for Jenny).  They were awesome fish and evidently much smarter than we are.  We each caught their attention a couple times but to no avail.


blog-Oct-8-2014-5-lake-trout-fishingOne of the most interesting fish of the day was this very light colored lake trout.  When I saw him swimming I thought that I might be seeing some freak albino cutthroat or something.  But nope, he’s just a freaky pale laker that has somehow survived even though he stands out like a sore thumb to every eagle in Wyoming.


Granny and I have fresh lake trout for dinner tonight.  I rarely kill a fish but the lakers melt in your mouth and there’s plenty of them.  In fact they are so delicious I just might had back to Jenny again this week!


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