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Sept 12, 2016

blog-sept-13-2016-1-fall-fishingThe Yellowstone Country forecast was dismal for Granny’s days off.  Plummeting temperatures and heavy rains with thunderstorms were predicted.  But it didn’t stop us from floating down the Nunya.


blog-sept-13-2016-2-boise-riverThe weatherman wasn’t wrong.  We headed on our long drive west of Victor only to hit storm after storm.  We made the destination late and after burgers and a few beers at a haunt of ours we slept in the back of the Exploder at our boat ramp to the sound of heavy rain all night.  Miraculously, the rain stopped the minute we woke up to launch our blue boat.


September 13

blog-sept-13-2016-3-flyfishing-idahoOur luck started good.  Not only did the rain hold off but the clouds diminished and the sun worked its way out.  The fish were biting and after Granny landed her third brown trout I filled her Yeti cozy with an ice cold Rainier.


blog-sept-13-2016-4-costa-sunglassesTo say I’ve been on the run lately is an understatement.  The best part about the Nunya in September is that its relaxing.  You can point the boat downstream pull the oars and safely drift.  When the sun popped and warmed things up we did a whole lot of that and fished only the prime locations.


blog-sept-13-2016-5-brown-troutThe leaves are changing therefore so are the browns.  Though spawning is a month away they’re starting to color up.  We didn’t land any of size, which is surprising, however there were plenty of 14 inchers which is a good sign for years to come.


blog-sept-13-2016-6-camping-in-idahoDay 1 on the Nunya was fabulous.  Granny cooked our tradition float lunch of hot dogs.  Then tonight I found us an incredible camping spot.  Granny brought along components for some fancy cocktail while I sipped red wine.  The coyotes were active as were a family of great horned owls.  Perhaps they were chattering about the big storm coming our way.


blog-sept-13-2016-7-granny-currier-flyfishing-idThe storm came on fast.  We were camped against a cliff so we barely saw the warning clouds soon enough.  We hate eating in the rain so Granny went to work quick heating up an already prepared Indian dish that was to die for.  As we scarfed down our last bites the rain started with huge ice cold drops.


September 14

blog-sept-14-2016-8-granny-currier-flyfishingIt was a rugged night in the wilds of Idaho.  The wind ripped and the rain poured.  I slept awful under the thrashing tent worrying about the boat.  It was beached, tied and anchored but heavy rain raises water fast.  But once again this was our lucky weekend.  The rain stopped at 6 AM and other than the fact I had to bail the boat with my Yeti cup the boat was fine.  We broke down camp, pressed coffee and pushed off at a crisp damp 7:15 AM.


blog-sept-14-2016-9-winston-fly-rodsWhen the coffee was gone Granny picked up my 6-weight Winston with two streamers and we put our fishing game faces on.  This was perfect weather conditions to stick the big brown trout we hoped for.  There was plenty of action that first hour but the trout remained small.


blog-sept-14-2016-10-storm-frontsBy 9 AM our luck with the weather ran out.  A front of water-weighted clouds took over the skies and let loose.  It’s a good thing you can rely on Simms when you need too!


blog-sept-14-2016-11-float-fishing-idahoAn hour later the sun was back out and we were fishing again.  The skies were ominous and it wasn’t long before the next storm came.  As long as the sun is coming back I love storms on the river.  This is a good thing seeing my nickname is “Monsoon”.   This particular storm only grazed us and judging by its looks we were fortunate.


blog-sept-14-2016-12-brown-trout-fishingIt was a sweet weekend down the mighty Nunya.  This has been and annual since long before the blog started in 2009.  We were reluctant to attempt it with the forecast but I’m glad we did.  I take chances all the time and am grateful to be born with the “chance it” personality.


blog-sept-14-2016-13-rainbowBetween work and fishing travel there’s been little fishing on my home waters.  Saturday its right back on the road this time to Virginia.  I’m doing a full day of fly fishing seminars and entertaining with my famous presentation, “Trout Bumming the World” for Fly Fishers of Virginia.  But of course, there will be some fishing as well.  Could I finally get my marlin on the fly next week?  Stay tuned!


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