On To the Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show 2023

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fly fishing presentersI’m moving fast and falling behind on my blog and IG updates and this one will be short and quick as well because we are making our way to The Pleasanton CA Fly Fishing Show in the Ruby Van straight through a miserable massive winter storm.  The driving so far since we left Wisconsin last week has been terrible and this particular drive is especially horrific.  We have never experienced wind like this along with snow, ice and closed roads.  Instead of taking the 70 from Denver we had to head south to Albuquerque and cut across NM and AZ.  And we still hit hectic driving!


The Denver Fly Fishing Showfly-fishing-art was fantastic.  Thanks to everyone who came and visited our booth and attended my many seminars.  Granny and I had a blast.  While the big crowds at my talks is always a highlight, I also enjoyed doing numerous pieces of art on fly boxes, packs and hats.  My favorite piece was for my friend Lance Tomar.  This is the inquisitive Picasso Triggerfish chasing a shrimp pattern.


fly-fishingThat’s all for now.  Time for two hands on the wheel.  We expect to get to Pleasanton midafternoon tomorrow however there are no guarantees.  Many roads are closed.  That’s how bad it is.  But, when we do, Granny will be showing my art while I’ll have a full schedule in the presentation theaters and the casting ponds.  Here it is.  Click on the presentation titles for the full details.  We hope to see you there!




1:00 – Catch Room – “So, You Want to Become a World Traveling Flyfisher”


3:15 – Outside Pond – “Casting in the Wind and the Double Haul”




10:15 – Inside Pond – “Fly Casting 101”


2:30 – Catch Room – “Fly Fishing for Carp – A 20lb Fish Near Home”



3:00 – Release Room – “Introduction to Saltwater Fly Fishing”


12:15 – Inside Pond – “Improve Your Dry Fly Presentation”


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  1. Lance Tomar

    Thanks again for your beautiful work on another great Picasso for me.. Can’t believe you had to deal with bad weather on top of that terrible pothole filled interstate 40!!! Sure hope your mugs & steins made it to CA in one piece.

  2. Jeff

    Thanks Lance. We made it and everything seems in tack!

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