Great Memories from Slovenia

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blog-June-13-2013-1-Fly-fishing-in-SloveniaFly fishing in Europe 2013 will go down as a “Monsoon Currier” classic.  Vladi and I fought through at least some heavy rain EVERY day of the trip and more than half the adventure we had rain all day.  Luckily, despite the tormenting weather, the goals were met.

blog-June-13-2013-2-Vladi-TrzebuniaFirst and most important, Vladi and I spent time together.  Vladi is a best friend and unfortunately because we live 6,000 miles apart we only fish together once every few years.  Our last visit was July of 2010 in Norway.

blog-June-13-2013-3-marble-troutSecond, I caught the rare and incredible marble trout (Salmo marmoratus).  Not just a few marmoratus either but about twenty including one memorable big boy on a dry fly.

blog-June-13-2013-4-Jeff-Currier-in-SloveniaLast, I’ve now fished Slovenia.  Slovenia has been on my list a long time but been neglected, probably because all those crazy fish of the world entice me more.  But let me tell you, Slovenia did not disappoint.  This will go down as one of my top trips.  Enjoy these final pics!

blog-June-13-2013-5-Salmo-marmoratusMarble Trout (Salmo marmoratus)

blog-June-13-2013-6-Fly-fishing-in-SloveniaIdrijca River, Slovenia

blog-June-13-2013-7-Slovenia-Rainbow-troutRainbow Trout, Nadiža River, Slovenia

blog-June-13-2013-8-the-mayfly“The” Mayfly

blog-June-13-2013-9-Fly-fishing-CroatiaEuropean Grayling, Kupa River, Croatia

blog-June-13-2013-10-Slovenian-BeerLasko Beer Slovenia

blog-June-13-2013-11-Kupa-River-brown-troutSpectacularly colored brown trout, Croatia

blog-June-13-2013-12-Fly-fishing-near-minesWatch out for mines.  A photo you shouldn’t show your mother!

blog-June-13-2013-13-Marble-troutMarble trout (Salmo marmoratus)

blog-June-13-2013-14-Marble-trout-SloveniaThe end of another incredible adventure!


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  1. Erik Moncada

    What is the Pazi mine? The skull and crossbones makes me wonder what they are mining.

  2. Jeff


    “Pazi” means be careful or watch for. We had to watch out for mines! Extremely dangerous fly fishing situation!

  3. David McKenzie

    What a cool experience. Looks like beautiful water man.


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