Memories from Iceland 2016

blog-aug-28-2016-1-flying-over-greenlandA few hours ago the Atlantic salmon of Iceland exploit came to an end.  We boarded our flight from Reykjavik back to the States and will be home tonight.  I’m the pleasant kind of exhausted from a month of travel, fishing, short nights and writing the blog.  We are presently 35,000 feet above Greenland.  It’s clear and the view is worth staying awake for.

blog-aug-28-2016-2-granny-currier-and-siggy-salmonI want to thank Icelandic Fly Fishermen for bringing Granny and I on this unbelievable journey.  This is a trip every fly fisher should experience at least once and my Icelandic friends are the best in the business at getting you the Atlantic salmon of dreams.  To book your trip visit their website and feel free to Contact me for more details anytime.

Here are a few final photos from Iceland 2016

blog-aug-28-2016-3-flyfishing-for-arctic-charFighting an Arctic char on the Hofsá River

blog-aug-28-2016-4-arctic-char-fishingCan’t wait to dig through my paints to do my next Arctic char painting

blog-aug-28-2016-5-bauer-fly-reelsGood equipment required for Atlantic salmon

blog-aug-28-2016-6-ingo-icelandic-fly-fishermenIngo with an Atlantic right below the deck at Selá Lodge

blog-aug-28-2016-7-atlantic-salmon-fishingGranny hooked up on the Hofsá in High Expectations

blog-aug-28-2016-8-granny-currier-catching-salmonKeep your fly in the water and anything can happen!

blog-aug-28-2016-9-flyfishing-icelandFighting a grilse with Siggy on the Hafralónsá River

blog-aug-28-2016-10-atlantic-salmon-fishing-sela-riverAnother beautiful Atlantic salmon river of Iceland

blog-aug-28-2016-10-flyfishing-the-hafralonsaFinally, we have normal weather for Iceland

blog-aug-28-2016-11-jeff-currier-atlantic-salmonA monster from camp pool on Beat 8 in the Hafralónsá River

blog-aug-28-2016-12-atlantic-salmon-releaseUntil next time – this has been one heck of a trip!

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