Remembrances from Flyfishing Kendjam Brazil

blog-Aug-6-2016-1-peacock-bass-fishing-kendjamI don’t like departing the comforts of Victor, Idaho during summer.  Fishing my own rivers, coffee on the back porch watching humming birds and listening to Cubs games on my XM are hard to leave.   But I travel anyhow and I never regret.  The past ten days fishing with Untamed Angling and Ben Furimsky in Kendjam Brazil was no less than phenomenal!

blog-Aug-6-2016-2-ben-furimsky-flyfishing-kendjamA special thanks to my friends Rodrigo Salles and Marcelo Perez of Untamed Angling for making this incredible journey possible.  If you too would like to experience a similar trip to Kendjam feel free to Contact me.  This is a trip that we at Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures can book for you.

Here are some final photos from this incredible adventure.

blog-Aug-6-2016-3-jeff-currier-flyfishing-the-amazonReleasing one of hundreds of peacocks we caught this week.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABauer Reel and a pacu with a roosterfish-like dorsal fin.

blog-Aug-6-2016-5-caimam-brazilHungry caiman on the Iriri River in Kendjam.

blog-Aug-6-2016-6-winston-rods-bauer-reelsGreat fish are landed because of great equipment!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe underestimated wolf fish better known in Brazil as the trairão.

blog-Aug-6-2016-9-ben-furimsky-payara-fishingBen Furimsky said he was catching a payara this trip and he did.

blog-Aug-6-2016-10-jeff-currier-flyfishing-peacock-bassAll the peacock bass you could dream of on the fly at Kendjam

blog-Aug-6-2016-11-flyfishing-matrincha -1Matrinxã also known as matrincha tail shot

blog-Aug-6-2016-12-wade-fishing-the-amazonGet in shape.  The more energy you put into Kendjam the more fish you catch!

blog-Aug-6-2016-13-amazon-turtlesAmazon turtle found crawling in the boat.  I’m sure he was lunch but I secretly released him. . . .

blog-Aug-6-2016-14-jeff-currier-pacu-fishingMy favorite fish of the trip – pacu borracha – on Chernobyl Ants.

blog-Aug-6-2016-15-bicuda-fishing-the-amazonFly fishing for bicuda is fun.  Gill plate close up looks like a golden dorado.

blog-Aug-6-2016-16-flyfising-kendjamCasting at sunset for payara on the Iriri River.

blog-Aug-6-2016-17-trairao-fishingDon’t overlook this character on your trip – wolf fish.

blog-Aug-6-2016-18-Jeff-Currier-Ben-Furimsky-amazonDouble trouble!

blog-Aug-6-2016-19-jeff-currier-kayapo-indiansA touch up on the way home.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASee you next time Kendjam!

Getting to these amazing places and catching unfathomable fish doesn’t happen without the greatest sponsors a fishing bum could have.  Thank you – Untamed AnglingYellow Dog Flyfishing AdventuresR.L. Winston Fly RodsBauer Fly ReelsSimmsScientific AnglersYetiCosta SunglassesKate’ Real Foods

Still missing a beer sponsor. . . . . . . . . . . .

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