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Team-USA-FlyfishingI’m alive.  Since I started the blog in October of 2009 I have never gone so far behind in my daily fishing stories.  And even so, my routine is to pick up right where I left off once there’s time, which in this case would be an entry for July 12.  And it will come.  But I’ll just say, its time to be creative because the last 48 hours must be told, so at least if you don’t already know, I can be the first to tell you.


flyfishing-ChampionsThanks to an outstanding group of teammates: Team Manager/Sponsor Jerry Arnold, Captain Pete Erickson, Bret Bishop, Loren Williams, Mike Sexton and myself, as well as our amazing Italian host and guide, Stefano Sabbatelli, Team USA Masters Fly Fishing Team are the World Champions.  18 Teams, mostly European and we managed to take it all.  We are all flying home with Gold Medals around our necks.  This is the first Gold in USA adults fly fishing history!


flyfishing-ItalyHands down, our finish would not have happened without the magical performance by Bret.  Bret managed top five or better finishes on all five of the venues he fished including at least one first.  I am proud to say he has two Gold Medals because he won the individual as well.  Mike also was superb while Pete, Loren and myself fought to hold positions in the top half.  And on the last day, when there was ZERO room for failure, we each kicked ass in our final sessions and held on to the narrow gap we had between home country Italy and fighting Belgium.  It happened – we win!


Team USAThe final sessions actually took place Saturday.  It took a few nail biting hours for results to confirm our close victory over the Italians.  But we did and we received our medals on the stage in Madonna di Campiglio with the Brenta Dolomites in the background.  Despite three previous World Championship medals in past years, this one was and will be one of my ultimate memories.


ChampionsNaturally we’ve been celebrating like Rockstar’s since we received our Gold.  Its been nuts.  Every team, including the Italians understood what this meant to us and took it in with us.  But what most folks don’t know, by far what makes myself and all my angling teammates happiest, is that we have fulfilled Jerry’s dream of Gold.  Jerry has been single handedly sponsoring the Youth Team, the Men’s Team and the Masters Fly Fishing Teams for more than 15 years.  This is for you Jerry!


fly-fishingI absolutely had to get this news out and jump past all the missing blogs from July 12 till now.  It’s plain and simple, we fished so hard and worked so intensely for this the last two weeks, there was not time to kick back and write each evening.  I took notes however and will share them.  Expect July 12 to post here soon as well as all our other practice days and then the five days of actual competition.


fish-ItalyThat’s all for now.  Its kind of funny, but as most my team is flying to the USA, I’m stuck in Gallarate, Italy tonight because ITA Airways bumped me from the flight.  It was a Delta connection.  I’m happy to say, Delta jumped in to the rescue and they have me in a rustic old Italian hotel called the Jet.  They took me here by Mercedes and then out for a tasty four course lunch at local restaurant, Grotta Azurra.  And tonight Delta covers me for a great dinner.  This is one heck of a trip to Italy!


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  1. Kevin Yoshida

    CONGRATS to the entire USA Masters Team on a huge accomplishment! We are all proud of you!

  2. Lance Tomar

    Fantastic!! Congrads to the team and Jerry for sponsoring this dream for so many years. Great job guys!

  3. Jeff

    Thanks Gents! It means a lot to hear this from you and the emails I’m getting. How hard we worked and how difficult this was can not be explained. Plain in simple, we beat the best of the best Euro anglers in Europe. Hasn’t set in yet!

  4. Dave Hyde

    Congratulations, epic, thank you for letting us know asap

  5. Jeff

    Thank you Dave!

  6. Lane


    Great job, Jeff, and the rest of Team USA. Way to bring glory and honor to your country.

  7. Lane


    Great job, Jeff, and the rest of Team USA. Way to bring glory and honor to our country.

  8. james hersh

    Well done guys

  9. Kristen J. Sorensen

    I have chills! Happy for all of you!!

  10. Jeff

    Thanks everyone. This has been an epic hard to believe week. I’m just getting home now after two days stranded do to airline nightmares. I’m also sick as a dog. Mike Sexton has checked in with a positive Covid Test. I hope I’m not the same but will find out soon. Anyhow, I’m looking at my medal as we speak and I can’t believe we did it. It will take a few more days to sink in!

  11. Judge Jimmy

    Congratulations Jeff! That’s a huge win for Team USA, every fly fishing enthusiast in the states is proud of you!

  12. Mike

    Spectacular performance gents! What a way to finish it out!

  13. Gary Green

    Thank you for all of your blogs. No worries on having a bit of catch up as you are sooooo dedicated to write them!!! Well done to you and your mates!!!

  14. Pete Erickson

    We’ve been travel roomates many times in the past 20 years–all around the world, but this time was special. I had a great time fishing and hanging with you!
    Im a little sad that you moved to Wisconsin, but at the same time happy for you and Granny. Cheers pal

  15. Lane

    Jeff, are you doing ok? Starting to get a bit worried since you said you may have Covid

  16. Jeff

    Hi Lane and Rest,

    I indeed had a solid case of Covid and went down for the count for a couple days. I was fortunate to have a doc that prescribed me the “controversial” antivirus med Paxlovid. I finished my cycle today. I was not a high risk patient at all but plain and simple, its summertime and I wanted to get better sooner than later. With the drugs I was much better in 72 hours and other than living in the van in the backyard keeping from Granny, I’ve been biz as usual plus a few naps here and there. I’ll hopefully test negative in the next couple days and not have any relapses!

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