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Bring in the New Year

blog-Dec-31-2013-1-Jeff Currier fly fishing for peacock bass in the Amazon2013 will go down as the year of travel.  Most was for work with numerous speaking engagements from coast to coast.  Then I had the good fortune of hosting anglers for peacock bass in Brazil and tigerfish in Tanzania.  Both hosting assignments were for Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures.


blog-Dec-31-2013-2-Jeff-Currier-fly-fishing-the-Mahakali-RiverMy top “work” project was fishing for mahseer in India with Himalayan Outback owner and friend Misty Dhillon.  Our purpose was to make a segment for Confluence Films latest movie, Waypoints.  If you haven’t seen Waypoints yet contact me or catch me at one of the Fly Fishing Shows I’ll be speaking at this winter.  I’ll have copies with me.


blog-Dec-31-2013-3-flyfishing-for-golden-doradoThere was personal fishing travel as well.  I met long time friend Vladi Trzebunia in Austria and we spent ten days fishing Slovenia, Croatia and Italy.  I had the miracle trip where friends Tom Hansen and Skip Brittenham TREATED me to dorado fishing in Bolivia.  Last, Sammy Vigneri invited me to Mexico earlier this month for striped marlin on the fly.


blog-Dec-31-2013-4-Marble-TroutI added several fish to my life list this year.  They were the butterfly/spotted peacock bass hybrid, marble trout, brown/marble trout hybrid, Italian barbel, soufie and rhino fish.


blog-Dec-31-2013-5-peacock-bass-coffee-mugThere was more to 2013 than speaking and fishing.  I learned the basics of web design and with help from friend Mark Kuhn I have a new website.  There’s more work to be done but check out my “Fly Rod Species” section.  Work your way to the “Smallmouth Bass” page.  My goal is to have every species I’ve caught done up like the smallmouth.  If you’re headed to the Amazon, I’ll have the page to tell you how to catch peacock bass.  And when you get home after the successful adventure, you can buy a peacock bass coffee mug and more!


blog-Dec-31-2013-6-tourette-fishing2014 isn’t booked like 2013 but things happen fast.  I’m not playing it down yet.  For sure I’ll be headed on two great worldly adventures.  The first will be with my Tourette Angler pals from South Africa.  They’ve invited me on an exploratory trip on the Nubian Flats of Sudan in the Red Sea.  Expect an epic blog with stories and photos.


If I return from Sudan in one piece, August finds me as a guest of Icelandic Fly FishermenIceland has long been a dream of mine and it’s finally happening.  This will be mostly an Atlantic salmon trip – and what a place to do it!  Indeed, this trip should also be an outstanding blog.

 That closes the book on 2013 – be safe tonight. 

 I hope to see you all in 2014! 


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

A Whale of Time Comes to an End

blog-Dec-15-2013-humpback-whaleMy marlin jinx will go on.  There’s not much to say about the fishing today, our last day of this trip.  Grant and his crew tried every trick in the book to entice a marlin to come from the deep to where I could cast my fly to him, but we saw absolutely zero fish.  Not a marlin.  Not a dorado.  Not a fish at all.  But the day was not lost.  We were treated to an exceptionally close encounter with a breaching humpback whale.  We stood in awe as this 80,000 lb animal took to the air close to our small boat.  I’ll never forget seeing this whale or the incredible sound his pectoral fins made when they slapped the water.

It’s not always about the fish folks!

Next week on the blog – a year in review – what a year it was.

Then it’s Show Time!

Happy holidays!

Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

9 Hours of Fishing – 10 Minutes of Casting

blog-Dec-14-2013-1-Jeff-Currier-flyfishing-for-mahi-mahiJust my marlin luck, I got to fish first this morning but it was absolutely freezing out.  I’ll guess it was in the upper 50ºs or low 60ºs at the most.  It definitely wasn’t the norm for Baja and by no means good conditions to raise striped marlin into fly casting range.


blog-Dec-14-2013-2-flyfishing-for-dorado-mahi-mahi-dolphinWe hit the water early regardless of cool temps.  The good news was the sun was rising and the forecast was for the 80ºs.  We drove an hour to exactly where Sammy got his marlin yesterday and slow drifted live bait beneath the boat.  The first couple hours were slow except for a cruising dorado that Grant teased into range.  I nailed him and although I’m normally a catch and release man, this mahi got whacked for dinner tonight.


blog-Dec-14-2013-3-flyfishing-for-marlinI stood at the back of the boat for another two hours but not another fish showed up let alone a striped marlinSammy, Grant and even the crew started teasing me about having a marlin curse.  They might be right.  This is getting ridiculous.  Just to prove to myself it’s not a curse, I handed things over to Sammy at 1 PM.  Sammy sat motionless with 14-weight in hand for another three “marlinless” hours.


blog-Dec-14-2013-4-frigate-birdsAt 4 PM we packed it in.  It was a depressing day.  At least we didn’t get skunked we joked.  Then as we were approaching the lighthouse near Cabo several frigatebirds began to dive for fleeing bait.  We had us a marlin!


Alex sped to the diving birds and cut the engines.  Grant launched the hookless live bait and in seconds the marlin took it.  Grant and the marlin played tug of war but then bad luck – the marlin stole the hookless baitfish and left the scene.  Damn!


blog-Dec-14-2013-5-striped-marlin-grant-hartmanGrant frantically attached another live bait.  By the time he was rigged the frigates were diving again.  Our marlin was back.  We sped recklessly to the spot, cut the engines and launched the tease.  As if the marlin was waiting for us he mashed the bait.  This time Grant teased him in range.  I landed my fly on the tip of the marlins bill as Grant yanked the live bait.  All of us figured an eat was a guarantee but the marlin took a close look at my offering and turned away.  Can you say nightmare?!  This photo by Grant Hartman.


We chased that marlin and the birds three more times.  Grant got him close once more but the stripy refused the fly.  We changed the fly but our marlin never came back again.  The day was over.


blog-Dec-14-2013-6-dorado-sashimiThe best part of the day came late.  When we returned to Sammy’s condo I filleted the dorado I caught in the morning.  Then Sammy and I went to the famous Hotel California Restaurant in Todos Santos and had them cook it up for us.  We stuffed ourselves on dorado sashimi followed by more grilled up pieces.  Thanks goodness we had enough beer to wash it all down. . . .


One more day to make it happen!


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

A Striped Marlin on the Fly!

blog-Dec-13-2013-1-flyfishing-for-marlinIt was nice to get a nearly full night sleep after yesterday.  I say nearly because we still didn’t get to bed till around 11 yet we were on our way to the Cabo docks at 5 AM.  Sammy’s condo is near Todos Santos which is about a 45 minute drive to the boat.  The dark drive can take longer because the road often has donkeys, horses or cows on it.


blog-Dec-13-2013-2-flyfishing-for-striped-marlinWe arrived at the dock at 6 AM with a glimmer of morning light.  The docks were exploding with action.  There were so many marlin boats racing around it looked like a $1,000,000 prize tournament was taking place.  Most boats, including us, stopped just before leaving the harbor to purchase live bait.  Some boats catch their own, but it takes time from the day.


blog-Dec-13-2013-3-humback-whaleWe made an hour boat ride up the Pacific shoreline of Baja.  It’s a beautiful ride along remote beaches and protruding rock crops.  These waters are rich and you watch baitfish leap from predators in every direction.  Along with all the fish there are lots of whales this week.  During the drive we saw leaping humpbacks (too far away for a pic), gray whales and fast moving pilots.  It’s nice to see so much ocean life in spite of all the gloom and doom we hear about.


The teasers weren’t in the water long before our mate Jacobo screamed, “Marlin!”  I saw the thrashing bill and the erected marlin dorsal whizzing behind the boat.  The amazing event causes total havoc.


blog-Dec-13-2013-4-hooked-to-a-marlinIt was Sammy’s turn so I got out of the way.  Grant yelled orders frantically to where Jacobo and I ran into each other trying to get the other teaser out.  As all this chaos went on Captain Alex also yelled orders.  At this point few commands made much sense.  Once things sorted out the marlin was in casting range and Grant ripped the live baitfish from the water.  Sammy dropped a cast and in a split second the marlin was hooked up.


blog-Dec-13-2013-5-flyfishing-striped-marlinLet’s just say that when a 7-foot fish takes off at more than 50 mph things can go wrong.  Somehow, while Sammy clenched his 14-weight with all his might and his reel spun wildly as the marlin skipped across the ocean, the first rod guide was severed.  What remained was a jagged piece of metal that the departing backing was missing by millimeters.  No doubt, if the backing nicked the metal it would break and we’d lose yet another marlin.  As Grant, Jacobo and Alex spewed out words of utter panic in Spanish, they miraculously cut the remaining metal off the rod while Sammy didn’t miss a beat of battle.


blog-Dec-13-2013-6-flyfishing-for-marlinEverything went right from here on.  Sammy let the marlin run then hoisted him back with short steady pumps.  After exactly 20 minutes Grant billed the striped marlin and slipped him gently over the gunnels.  Sammy and Grant posed and I clicked away furiously.


blog-Dec-13-2013-7-striped-marlinThe striped marlin was out of the water less than 30 seconds all together.  Grant slipped the fish gently overboard and resuscitated him by holding the bill as the boat moved slowly forward.  Sammy landed this fish fast so the marlin got its strength back quick.  I clicked a few more shots and then we let her go.


blog-Dec-13-2013-8-remora-fishMost large fish in the ocean bring some friends aboard with them.  After we released Sammy’s marlin there were a few fish flopping in the bottom of the boat.  They were remoras.  Remoras attach themselves to large fish including marlin.  They’re harmless but about as strange looking as any fish you will see.


blog-Dec-13-2013-9-marlin-fishingThings were looking good.  One hour, one marlin.  But it was my turn, the man with the marlin curse.  Sammy popped a coke and cheered me on.  After two hours Sammy grabbed a seat and relaxed.  After three hours Sammy was out like a light and not a marlin was to be seen.  We never raised or even saw another marlin all day.  UNBELIEVABLE!


We’ll be back at it first thing tomorrow and Sammy said it’s my turn till I at least make a cast.


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing for Marlin in Baja

blog-Dec-12-2013-1-flyfishing-for-marlinSammy Vigneri and I were wiped out when we rolled into the Cabo San Lucas marina this morning to meet Grant Hartman, legendary Baja fly fishing guide and founder of Baja Anglers.  We had every right to be.  After a long day of travel we didn’t get to Sammy’s condo in Todos Santos, Mexico until 2 AM.  Nonetheless, we were ready to catch a marlin on fly.


blog-Dec-12-2013-2-grant-hartmanGrant Hartman is a longtime friend.  I met Grant in 1996 when he had a fly shop at the Cabo docks.  We kept in touch and then our friendship accelerated after I introduced him to Sammy in 2007.  Since then Sammy has been booking Grant for marlin trips and roosterfish beach trips annually and I’ve had the great pleasure of tagging along on most of these.  If you come to Baja and need a guide, Grant is your man.


blog-Dec-12-2013-3-marlin-flyThe best marlin grounds in December are around the southern tip of Baja and up the Pacific coast.  Although you could stumble into a blue marlin or even a black, the striped marlin are plentiful.  To catch them on fly we tease them up behind the boat within casting range by trolling hookless teasers or drifting hookless live baits.  No matter which method, when the marlin arrives Grant works the teaser away from the frenzied billfish.  Once he lures the marlin behind the boat he yanks the teaser away completely and one of us cast our seven inch fly with a 14-weight.


I’ve fly fished for marlin many times but still haven’t boated one.  I’ve had a marlin curse for years.  No matter when or where I go it’s a “should have been here last week” scenario.  Although I once hooked solidly into a white marlin, in general they aren’t around when I’m in town.  In 2009 Sammy and I got skunked with Grant.  Then last year Sammy took me to the Galapagos Islands where we were guaranteed numerous marlin on fly, but in five days Sammy got two unanswered casts and I never picked up the rod!


blog-Dec-12-2013-4-jeff-currier-flyfishing-for-doradoWe began teasing for marlin at around 10 AM.  Grants method today was to dangle live bait behind the boat while wind drifting.  This proved successful for attracting dorado (also known as dolphin fish or Mahi-mahi) almost immediately.  First we teased in a single that Sammy nailed on a white streamer.  Then less than an hour later we teased in a school of dorado and Sammy and I each landed one.


blog-Dec-12-2013-5-flyfishing-for-marlinThe first marlin didn’t appear until 3 PM.  He didn’t tease well and disappeared before Sammy cast.  Shortly afterwards a second marlin ripped line from our live bait rod.  This striped marlin was more cooperative and Grant teased him into casting range.  Sammy launched perfectly as the teaser left the water and the marlin ate the fly voraciously.  But billfish are hard to hook and unfortunately after a short run the fly dislodged.


blog-Dec-12-2013-6-striped-marlinAfter Sammy’s two shots he generously passed the next turn to me.  Again it didn’t take long for fish to arrive.  This one also teased into range.  The seven foot long fish was electric in color.  Striped marlin pectoral fins glow in a wild fluorescent turquoise while their stripes flash a purplish blue.  It’s a sight to behold that often leads to angler breakdown.  Somehow I kept my cool.  In fact the big fly landed exactly where I planned, behind and to the left of the fish.  If it were a sailfish it would’ve been perfect because sails turn and eat creating the ideal angle to hook them.  Sadly, I didn’t know that striped marlin don’t turn around to eat.  The fly needs to land in front of them and you take your chances on a hook up.  It was too late.  This marlin retreated back to the deep.


That was it for today.  We came closer than any time before at landing a striped marlin.  Sammy hooked up and I finally got a good cast.  We headed in at around 4:30 excited with our progress and eager for tomorrow.  We ended the day at the Cafe Santa Fe Italian Restaurant in Todos Santos where Sammy treated me to a delectable feast of seafood.


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

One More Adventure for 2013

blog-Dec-11-2013-flyfishing-in-baja-mexicoTo say 2013 has been hard to fathom as far as lucking into numerous fishing trips around the world is an understatement.  This year I have been just about everywhere and most of it has been sponsored because of hosting, filming and wonderful friends that must like my company.  But there’s a few weeks left so why not slip in one more.

Long time friend Sammy Vigneri of Casper, Wyoming is taking me marlin fishing this week in Baja!   If you follow my blog back to the beginning in 2009 you’ll find about five trips to Baja with Sammy.  Our friendship and adventures go back far further than the first blog – back to the fly shop days –working together as punk kids in the 80’s to be exact.  Sammy went on to be a top Gynecologist in Wyoming and me, well we’re not exactly sure yet, but I have a good time.

We are pleasantly taking the long way to Cabo via Mexico City.  We’ll arrive in Cabo at midnight then make an hour drive to Sammy’s new condo in Todos Santos.  We hope to be in some sort of state of rest by 2 AM because at 8 AM we meet another long time pal, Grant Hartman at the Cabo San Lucas town docks.  This should be great!  Stay tuned. . .

Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

“Currier” Fish Art under the Xmas Tree

blog-Dec-6-2013-frosted-beer-mug-with-fishWith lots of travel this fall I’m a little late offering my Christmas ideas.  There’s still plenty of time however, and I have a few incredible new products that are ideal for the angler that has everything.  How about starting with the beautiful new Frosted Beer Mugs?  This largemouth bass in just one of over 40 species we offer!

Be sure and check out to see many other items with my fish on them!

If you have any questions – Contact Me

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Canoeing in December on Lake Winnipesaukee

blog-Dec-2-2013-Jeff-CurrierI’m not seeing much of Victor, Idaho this fall.  Almost immediately after Africa, Granny and I headed to Wolfeboro, New Hampshire to spend time with my family for Thanksgiving.  We haven’t hit a Holiday in over fifteen years so Mom was extremely happy.


There’s not much fishing going on so to occupy ourselves we canoed around Lake Winnipesaukee.  It wasn’t warm by any means, but you can rarely canoe Winnipesaukee without being disturbed by powerboats.  Let’s just say, we had the lake to ourselves and it was no less than spectacular.  Actually we shared with some common loons decked out in their winter plumage before they migrate south.


We’ll be headed back to Idaho tomorrow.  For me it’s another brief stop home before a run to Baja with the doc, Sammy Vigneri to try for a marlin on the fly with friend Grant Hartman.  Never stop moving!


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

The End of an Epic Journey to Africa

blog-Nov-16-2013-1I made it from my tent in Tanzania to my door in Victor, Idaho in exactly 50 hours.  That may seem long to some but to me it’s incredible and should remind us all what a magnificent time this is to live.  To be able to catch tigerfish on Friday and Snake River Cutthroats on Monday – man!

blog-Nov-16-2013-2-Jeff-Currier-fish-artworkIn conclusion of this trip I’d like to make a special thanks to the guides and staff at Tourette’s Tigerfish Camp in Tanzania.  They showed my clients and I nothing but a superb time on and off the water.  Also a special thanks to Yellow Dog for helping me set up and host this trip.  YD’s attention to detail on everything from booking airfares to preparing paperwork for the trip made my life much easier.

Here are a few more pics from the trip!

blog-Nov-16-2013-3-jeff-currier-tigerfish-in-africaGetting burned!


blog-Nov-16-2013-5-flyfishing-for tigerfish-tanzaniaAnother big tigerfish for the old Ross Momentum.

blog-Nov-16-2013-6-tanzania-tigerfish-adipose-finThat’s and adipose fin!

blog-Nov-16-2013-7-jeff-currier-fish-artGive me a sharpie and anything can happen

blog-Nov-16-2013-8-jeff-currier-blogging-in-africaThis blog is killing me!


blog-Nov-16-2013-10-jeff-currier-releasing-tigerfishLast tiger of the trip for me

blog-Nov-16-2013-11-jeff-currier-tigerfish-artworkAvailable anytime – Contact Me

blog-Nov-16-2013-12-tigerfish-release19lb tigerfish heads for home – THE END

For information about this incredible trip feel free to CONTACT ME.


Be sure and visit Tourette Fishing – Fight it in Africa.


And ask about my future hosted trips through Yellow Dog FlyFishing Adventures.

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Last Day in Africa

blog-Nov-15-2013-1-Mnyera-rapidsIt’s the final day of week two and the final day for me also.  Today is my fourteenth tigerfishing day in a row and the journey home begins tomorrow.  With all that in mind, we needed to end big and therefore we brought Steve and John to the rapids.


blog-Nov-15-2013-2-tigerfishingYou know by now that fishing the rapids is the most demanding fishing imaginable.  Both John and Steve are in their late sixties.  John’s in great shape.  Steve’s a little older and has a great open-minded-attitude and he’s willing force himself to do what it takes to get the best fishing.  Based on that, guide Mark, Steve and I would stay on the normal side of the rapids and take it slow, Andrew and Oliver would help John across the rapids and fish the incredible other side.


blog-Nov-15-2013-3-Jeff-Currier-battling-tsetse-fliesWe left Ruhudji River Camp at 6 AM.  We did the drive a little differently today.  On our ride Wednesday we took a beating from Tsetse flies.  Today we dangled a pot of burning elephant dung behind the vehicle as repellent.  Believe it or not, it worked.


blog-Nov-15-2013-4-MaasaiWe were setting up to fish the rapids at 9.  Andrew, Oliver and John headed off and crossed, Mark, Steve and I marched to the bottom of the rapids.  We actually brought along a special guest, Maasai warrior Michael.  Michael is his nickname because we English speakers butcher his real name.  Michael was in the movie “Connect” with me.


blog-Nov-15-2013-5-flyfishing-for-tigerfishMark steadied Steve on the exact rock I started on the day Oliver and I were here.  It wasn’t easy getting Steve there but he made it.  Steve launched a serious of excellent casts but to no avail.  This spot wasn’t firing.


blog-Nov-15-2013-6-Jeff-Currier-&-maasaiHardly any of our spots were firing today.  We strolled up to the “Connect” pool expecting big things but Steve once again got nothing.  The other guys happened to be directly across and they too had slow fishing.   I grabbed my rod and proceeded to show Michael how to cast.


blog-Nov-15-2013-7-jeff-currier-&-michaelBy lunch Steve had nothing.  Mark and I were very surprised because not only did Steve get in proper position on all the places but he made great casts.  Not to mention he’s cleaned up this week to this point.  But it wasn’t Steve’s day.  I had been observing.  Steve got tired and offered me the next spot.  I made one cast and caught this 19lb.  I was very very lucky.  The great news is I wanted to pose in a picture with Michael and a big tiger.  We got it done.


blog-Nov-15-2013-8-yellowfishThe rapids didn’t produce the norm for anyone.  I got my lucky giant, Oliver and John got a few in the 10-12lb range but fishing was fair compared to a usual day in the rapids.  When we arrived at the last few tigerfish pools near the truck, I put away my tigerfish 9-weight RX rig.  The 19lb was going to end it for me.  Then as I watched Steve begin to work the area I came up with an idea.  Get my 5-weight and catch a yellowfish.


I ran back to the truck and quickly put together my 5-weight Ross Essence.  I rigged a dry dropper outfit and hit the upper rapids.  I had very limited time but sure enough I landed a beautiful little black velvet.  My trip was done.  An absolutely incredible trip might I add!


For information about this incredible trip feel free to CONTACT ME.


Be sure and visit Tourette Fishing – Fight it in Africa.


And ask about my future hosted trips through Yellow Dog FlyFishing Adventures.


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