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by | Jun 29, 2021 | fly fishing Lake Winnipesaukee | 3 comments

lake-WinnipesaukeeI almost always do my last New Hampshire Lake Winnipesaukee smallmouth bass fishing session alone.  Its much more than a fishing morning.  I reflect on the trip and go much deeper than that.  I reminisce on my entire fishing life.  It all started here.  More than 50 years ago I was in this same Old Town Canoe (my dog with me at all times) casting poppers to the same exact rocks.  Dad, my grandparents, all my aunts and uncles were alive.  They’re all gone now but the fishing is almost the same.  Surreal.


flyfishingOk enough of that.  I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect morning when I launched at exactly 4:06 AM.  It was already 79° and it was the calmest the lake has been the entire trip.  I sipped coffee from my Yeti and paddled and took it all in.  I went straight to one of my “money” spots.



My 6-weight Winston was armed with a black Ben Byng popper.  First cast I caught a cute little redbreast sunfish.  It’s amazing they can fit a bass popper in their mouth.  Shortly after I hooked up with one of my cherished smallies.


It was a great fight beginning with an immediate leap.  Then at least three more before diving and literally towing my canoe.  The smallmouth here fight harder than in most places.  There may have been another jump and another surge but soon I was holding a 15” smallie.



After a quick admiration of this amazing fish, I returned him.  He left with a quick snap of the tail leaving a few droplets of Winnipesaukee on my face.  I reeled it in.  A perfect ending.  I’ll be back in Idaho tomorrow.  And just maybe, maybe the PMD’s will be hatching on the Teton. . . . .


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  1. Lance

    Fishing with pals is always great but your right, reminiscing fishing days alone on waters bring back those special people in our lives we have lost, those happy and sad memories, life reflections, laughs and tears. Inspiring read… Thanks Jeff.

  2. Jeff

    Thanks Lance

  3. Tad Einloth


    It is great that you can revisit your childhood fishing spot 50 years later.

    Not so easy for me – I grew up in South Florida that was paradise in 1967, but now all my favorite fishing spots in Boca Raton have either been asphalted over or made inaccessible to the public.

    The Good Old days – I will always remember them.


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