Arrival to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

blog-June-19-2015-1-jackson-hole-airportI was home a mere thirty hours from Michigan before catching an early flight for Denver then another to Calgary and on to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  For the next two weeks I’ll be the angler for a segment in an RA Beattie Outdoor film.  From what I understand we’ll be traveling with a bush plane pilot through numerous lakes and drainages in the far north of Canada fly fishing for pike and lake trout.


blog-June-20-2015-2-saskatoon-saskatchewanUnless we stop over at some lodges and outposts I’ll likely lose contact with the world.  My computer is with me and my day by day accounts will post as possible.  To give you an idea what this trip will be like check out my last trip here in 2010.  In spite of of the pouring rain outside my hotel here in Saskatoon, this should be an amazing trip.


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