Another Show in the Books

blog-Feb-17-2014-Interstate-90Granny and I threaded the needle driving from Victor to Seattle Thursday and Friday to get to the Lynnwood Fly Fishing Show.  It’s not just the East getting battered by storms, Victor Idaho received more than two feet of snow before we left and they’ve gotten more since we left.  We made it though and then worked a rainy weekend under the fluorescents here at the show.


The Show went well.  Lynnwood is the smallest of the shows but it’s these shows that I enjoy most because there’s more time to visit with everyone.


This morning Granny and I head south down the 5 to Portland, Oregon where we’ll catch up with friends Beata and Mike LaSota.  Mike and I go way back but we haven’t caught up in a few years.  Not only will we see each other the next couple days, Mike will be traveling to Dubai with me in a few weeks for some fishing there followed by this years most amazing adventure, an exploratory trip to Sudan and the Red Sea.


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing