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photo by BeAlive

It was a busy week since returning from NH with catching up and of course the 4th of July which in Victor, Idaho is a huge celebration.  This weekend the action continued.  I spent Friday night through Sunday night being interviewed, photographed and filmed by “BeAlive”.  There will be more to come on this soon but in a nut shell, they are doing a human interest story on my love of fishing and painting fish along and the lifestyle that goes with.



photo by BeAlive

BeAlive had topics to film – fishing, painting and me having a few beers at the Knotty Pine with fellow Victor pals.  Sounds fun and it was.  It started both Saturday and Sunday morning out on the Teton River at 6 am.  There’s nothing like calling in the cows before sunrise!


photo by BeAlive

Sunrise isn’t the time to be fishing here in Idaho but when the sun pops over the Tetons it offers the best light for photographing.  I walked the river, posed and did all kinds of things.  Sounds boring but watching the morning sky come to life was fantastic.


photo by BeAlive

To my surprise, the Pale Morning Dun hatch started at around 7:30 am.  It didn’t take long for the fish to start rising.  Both mornings I landed a handful of rainbows and cutthroats.  Several were dream-sized 14” to 16” beauties!


photo by BeAlive

We finished on the river when the sun got too high for outdoor photography and honestly, this weekend was too hot for fishing during the day.  We retreated to my art studio (the kitchen table) and I was filmed painting a yellow permit while listening to the Cubs.  Since I finally caught my first at St. Brandon’s Atoll back in May I’d been planning to paint one up.  In the film the entire creation of the painting will be shown at high speed in 30 seconds.


Along with the water colored yellow permit I drew on fly boxes.  Did plenty of interviews and had some great food and beer.  In fact, the beer drinking with friend’s session came together in natural fashion.  It started with me and Tim Brune and by 9 pm there were 9 of us chatting around an outside table at the Knotty Pine.


photo by BeAlive

I’m exhausted but it was a great weekend.  I think that Lee and Courtney of the BeAlive team were highly professional and I can’t wait to see the short film they piece together.  I’ll be sure to announce where and when it can be seen.


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  1. Tad Einloth

    Great to be home for the Fourth!


  2. Jeff

    So dang fun as always Tad! I hope I never miss one.

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