Last Day in the Baja Backcountry

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fishing-Baja-MexicoOur last morning waking up on the beaches of Baja was a stunner.  I slept like a rock and therefore woke up ready to go around 5.  I went for a short hike down the beach before starting the coffee.  The alpenglow framed the sea and the rugged rock formations nearby.


flyfishing-MexicoGranny was up by 6 just as the sun rose over the tent.  We took an hour to drink our coffee watching the waves roll in.  We won’t have this in Idaho in a couple days.  We followed that with a big breakfast.  Granny’s shoulder is still a mess but she claims it’s a tiny bit more comfortable.


From there we drove to the beach we were at yesterday and walked two miles of it.  It was a little too early to see roosterfish because the sun wasn’t overhead enough so I went for the pompano again.  Seems they’ve disappeared like they usually do.  Hopefully it’s not a few years before I catch them again.


roosterfishingWe staked ourselves out on a point where I’ve caught roosterfish before.  It was still too early for good light and we got ambushed by a mid-sized roosterfish.  By the time I saw him rushing the beach I was too late getting my fly on him.  This gave us confidence though so we hung out and Granny knocked out a nice morning nap.


jeff-currier-ladyfishI watched and waited.  An hour went by with nothing so when a school of ladyfish appeared I ran a few down for fun.  About then Granny was awakened by the roar of four-wheelers.  More roosterfish anglers arrived.  We took the time to hike to a good spot and now we were overtaken by six dudes.  We packed it in immediately.


Jeff-Currier-huge-roosterfishI hate packing it in early but we’ve had less roosterfish sightings than that of fellow roosterfish anglers so it seemed useless to try and compete on foot against motorized beach buggies.  Plus we’ve had a great trip.  Before Granny got hurt she caught some fish and had a blast.  And I wrangled a couple roosters this trip from the beach, including the monster from May 7th.


We reached the car by 1 PM.  Before starting the long drive back to Sammy’s condo where we will spend tonight and tomorrow, we set out the camp chairs and finished the last two beers in our cooler.  Its been a fun three weeks down here in Baja for me and a good ten days for Granny.  Yes, there were challenges with the crowds, jellyfish, damaged shoulders and tar.  But anytime you take on one of the worlds most incredible fish and you do it the hardest way, you need to expect some challenges.


flyfishing-CurrierI’m closing the book on Baja 2019 and very much looking forward to getting home.  I’ll be there for two weeks and four of those days will be spent on Blackfoot Reservoir for the annual Johnny Boyd Carp Classic.  Then its off to NH, Cape Cod and northern Manitoba.  I promised a good fishing blog for 2019 and so far so good!


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  1. Vernon Scharp

    Take care of Granny.

  2. Jeff

    You know it Vernon!

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