Fly Fishing Show Season Starts in Marlboro, MA

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flyfishing-speakersTime to travel – its fly fishing show time and my three month long tour that includes delivering casting demonstrations, PowerPoint presentations and lots of drawing for spectators on fly boxes, backpacks, Yeti’s and more starts this weekend at the Marlborough, Massachusetts Fly Fishing Show.  While fishing is for sure my number one passion, hands down, my number two is to help others be better anglers.  After nearly two years of shows being shut down or downsized for Covid, I expect this year to be the busiest ever.


flyfishing-ShowGranny will be with me at most shows showing off my artwork on my famous coffee mugs, steins and shirts.  Be sure to swing by the booth to say hi.  Feel free to contact us to put something on hold for you.  We do run out of items as we are literally living out of a few duffels.


flyfishing-artistsI’ll also be taking requests to do Sharpie art on Cliff Fly Boxes, backpacks and you name it.  It helps if you can let me know in advance so I can budget my time in order to get your art done before you leave the show.


That’s all for now.  I hope to see many of you as I tour the country over the next three months!


Here are my seminar and demonstration times for this weekend in Marlborough, MA.  Click on the presentation titles for the full details.


11:00 – Casting Pond – “Improve Your Dry Fly Presentation”

1:00 – Autograph Booth

2:30 – Catch Room – “Fly Fishing Warmwater – Bass, Pike, Carp and More”


10:00 – Catch Room – “Introduction to Saltwater Fly Fishing”

11:45 – Casting Pond – “Casting in the Wind and the Double Haul”

1:00 – Autograph Booth


10:15 – Catch Room – “Streamer Tricks for Larger Trout”

1:30 – Casting Pond – “Fly Casting 101”

3:30 – Autograph Booth

Follow the daily events on my IG – @jeffcurrier65

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  1. Howie

    Safe travels on the show tour. Its been a rough ice season so far. Lots of snow, slush, and less ice are making ice travel difficult but that could lead to an extended season. The fish are tough to find this year on the big lake so you are not missing a lot. Interestingly though, the Pike are everywhere! We could have some good fun this spring.

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