An Old Friend Gone

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blog-May-24-2015-jeff-currier-flyfishing-carsMy old friend the 1993 Exploder limped its way to Idaho Falls this weekend so I could turn it in to Pacific Recycling.  Luckily, the journey was intercepted when I was having my XM Radio System taken out at Best Buy.  The technician there took the old SUV off my hands for $130 and will fix it up and drive it more.  It has 270,000 miles.  My new rig, 1991 Exploder with manual transmission, will be on the blog from now on.


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    “Exploder” became its nickname because less than a year after I bought her the transmission blew out. $2200 later. . . . I was upset for the next 20000 miles but then got over it and drove it another 200000 miles. The $2200 was well worth it!

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