From Salalah, Oman to Musandam

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fish-MusandamToday was a travel day for Sammy and me.  We left Southern Oman and traveled to Musandam, the northern part of Oman.  There’s a catch however, Musandam is not connected to the rest of Oman.  Oman is divided by the country of United Arab Emirates (UAE).  This is called and exclave and very unique.



photo by Ocean Active Fly

Musandam is yet another of Ocean Active Fly’s guided trip waters.  Here they fish the very northern tip around the islands jutting into the Strait of Hormuz.  The narrow gap between Musandam and Iran creates incredible ocean currents that attract sailfish, marlin, spanish mackerel, tuna and humongous giant trevally.  It’s the GT’s that most people come for but they don’t come easy.  Granny and I fished here four days in 2015 and we came home empty handed.  I’m hoping the second time is the charm.


fly-fishing-MusandamIt’s not easy to get to Musandam.  Sam and I flew from Salalah, Oman to Sharjah, UAE.  This means we had to emigrate out of Oman and clear customs into UAE.  Then we had a taxi drive us two hours up to the border of UAE and Musandam and emigrate out of UAE then clear customs back into Oman.  Once done with all that paperwork nonsense we drove a wild winding road about 50 km to Khasab where we’ll stay two nights and fish the next two days.



MusandamNick has a guide and boat stationed up here and they have a villa in Khasab.  We’re crashing here too.  Sammy and I bought a heap of food at the last stop in UAE and brought it up with us.  Tonight we cooked it up and all of us are as full as a big GT!


It’s been a long long day of travel.  Time for bed.  We have the Strait of Hormuz to fish early in the morning.


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  1. Jack L. Meredith

    Jeff, we are housebound for the first Christmas in our 62 years of being together. We are grateful for the wonderful journey thru life, all the wonderful things we have done together and most of all meeting people like you, one of a kind, to make our journey even more special. I know you miss Granny as we do, but when you take a breather and get together again at home, all is “as it should be”.
    Reading about your unbelievable trips and how well you handle the “trials” makes us feel young once again. We live where the fishing is good, the bird hunting is not like grouse hunting in Wyoming, but our speed for us and the dog at this time in our journey.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you both and I’m sure Granny’s ready to travel again to all those wondrous fishing spots again, with you.

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