Fly Fishing for Tigerfish

blog-May-26-2013-1-fly-fishing-for-tigerfishI’ll be hosting two trips to Africa this fall to fly fish for tigerfish.  The dates are November 2-9 (FULL) & 9-16 (Five spots left).  This trip will be with my good friends in Tanzania of Tourette – Fight it in Africa. Your booking will be arranged by Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures and you can contact me or Yellow Dog for details about the trip.


This incredible hosted trip will likely be a one time offer.  Disputes over permit fees, land access and etc made securing spots for 2013 tremendously difficult.  It’s possible that access to this mind-boggling fishery could completely disappear in the near future.  It would be sin to let this get away if you love exotic fly fishing or dream of catching a truly large tigerfish!


blog-May-26-2013-2-Jeff-Currier-tigerfishingAfter tigerfishing extensively throughout Africa, the tigerfishing in Tanzania is the best I’ve ever experienced.  This specie of tigerfish (Hydrocynus Tanzaniae) is particularly large.  Ten pounders are common and tigers up to TWENTY POUNDS are caught often!  Best of all they are abundant here and attack flies with vengeance.


blog-May-26-2013-3-flyfishing-for-tigerfishMany of you remember Confluence Films last movie Connect where I was the lucky guy landing numerous tigerfish and in the end caught a true monster.  This is the place!  To see and hear more check out my blog of late October and early November 2010.


I hope you can make it!

Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing