Last Day of a Challenging Week of Weather

by | Nov 20, 2020 | fly fishing in Mexico

Casa-Blanca-FishingThe insane wind was still howling when I got up for coffee at 5 AM.  But I saw stars for the first time since Sunday.  There were clouds too but no doubt we’d have some sunshine to help us spot fish on our last day here at Casa Blanca Fishing Lodge in Mexico.


TarponBecause of the wind, like almost every day this week, we were restricted to the flats protected by Punta Pájeros Island or head into the mangrove lagoons of Santa Rosa.  Knowing it was our last day, Pato got us on an early start and we did some of both.




It’s a long boat ride to the lagoons so we nailed that first.  Unfortunately, when we got there the clarity of the water was bad. While the lagoons are never crystal clear they were obviously tainted by the rains which meant too much freshwater circulating to offer us really good fishing.  Pato polled us around for three hours.  We saw one tarpon and I had the lucky shot and hooked up.





I was fishing a popper which made this tarpon eat exceptionally fun to watch.  What happened next wasn’t so fun though.  Instead of this tarpon making a run, he literally came towards the boat.  All I could do was strip in my slack making a mess around my feet of loose line.  Naturally, when the tarpon got to the boat he took off like a bat out of hell and my line wrapped around the butt of my Winston.  The fish of about 20lbs jumped and his weight straightened my hook and ripped my fly from his mouth because the line was tight.  Not a good way to lose a fish on an already tough day!


Jerry-ArnoldWe hunted tarpon and snook for a little longer before feeling like that one tarpon was just a lucky spotting.  We headed to the flats to end our week.  With the sunshine we were confident we could find a few bonefish.


Sure enough we found a bunch of bones.  Yeah, the wind was cranking but in comparison to the last four days, casting and spotting fish was easy.  Jerry and I each caught a half dozen beautiful little bones.


bonefishDespite the tough weather challenges this week, Jerry, Pato and I had a blast.  I talk travel a lot when I do my presentations and I always emphasize how there’s nothing you can do about the weather.  And its true.  You can let weather mentally crush you or take it like a pro and simply do the best you can fishing and try to enjoy your company and the non-fishing things to the max.  No doubt we did all the above on this one.


saltwater-flyfishingWe enjoyed our final Casa Blanca dinner tonight.  Its tradition here to knock back a lobster tail and a steak and we did just that.  As usual the food was phenomenal.  Now its time for a good night sleep so we can be ready to begin the journey home.  With a little luck from the weather gods in the USA I’ll be in my Explorer leaving the Idaho Falls Airport for home before midnight tomorrow.


flyfishingI don’t have any more fishing plans for 2020.  I might sneak out trout fishing one day in December but honestly, I think I’m going to use the cold dark days to get work done.  Hopefully my Online store will succeed for the holidays and perhaps I’ll get some art orders.  If you’re interested in some of my art whether a painting or a Cliff Fly Box, feel free to contact me and I’ll get er done.

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