Denver Fly Fishing Show 2017

2017 will be another great year!

There’s a reason I go on a month long fishing trip in November and December.  It’s because starting the day after Christmas I work almost every day until the end of March.  It’s go time show time folks and for the next three months I’ll be on the road entertaining, teaching fly fishing seminars, giving casting demonstrations and doing my artwork.


Here’s my growing 2017 schedule.  Catch up with me along the way!


This week it’s the Denver Fly Fishing Show starting Friday January 6-8.   You can see my presentation times below.  Between my talks you’ll find me at my booth.  Just look for the table full of fish coffee mugs and beer steins along with Cliff and Scientific Angler fly boxes decorated with my fish art.


You can watch me do my artwork.  In fact, you can buy a fly box at the show and I’ll draw up any fish you want.  Or bring your own fly box, computer, backpack or you name it from home and I’ll do that.  My show time is limited so it never hurts to let me know in advance your requests or needs – Contact Jeff.


Here are my seminar and demonstration times for this weekend at the Denver Fly Fishing Show.  Click on the presentation titles for full details:


1:30 – Release Room – “Fly Fishing for Carp”

3:00 – Authors Booth


10:30 – Release Room – “Warmwater Fly Fishing – Bass, Pike and More”

1:00 – Authors Booth

3:15 – Pond 2 – “Fly Casting 101”


10:30 – Release Room – “Streamer Tactics for More and Larger Trout”

1:30 – Authors Booth

3:15 – Pond 1 – “Casting in the Wind and the Double Haul”

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Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

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