Final Push – Fly Fishing in Slovenia

June 8 & 9, 2013


blog-June-8-2013-1-Nadiza-River-SloveniaWe fished ourselves into the ground these last two days.  I’ll group them together so I can get some rest.


June 8


blog-June-8-2013-2-soufie-fishYesterday we fished a new river in Slovenia named the Nadiža.  A stunningly beautiful river but very few fish.  I caught more soufie than trout.  However the two rainbows I caught were big and both absolutely smoked me on my 4-weight Ross Rx.


June 9



Today was my last day so I went back to the small river, the Reka Baču.  I went there specifically to catch marble trout one more time.  From my experience here earlier in the trip the fish are small but no less than gorgeous.  I also had one that I botched earlier this week that I wanted to try for again.  Sure enough he was there and today I got him.  To my surprise he was a 15” grayling.  I was positioning him for a few photos on the gravel bar and he got away.  The only shot I got was this one, a shame as he was spectacular.


And yes, I caught a few more small marble trout and brown trout marble trout hybrids – they are so cool!


blog-June-9-2013-6-marble-troutMy license ran out today and even though I have a few hours in the morning before the journey home I’m calling it.  My last day on the Reka Baču was just the way I wanted to end it.  Later this week I’ll sum up the trip and show more pics.


Also later this week, the Henrys Fork, starting with the Ranch Opener this weekend!


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