Fishing, the Best Way to Catch Up with and Old Friend

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flyfishing1987, my first year working at the Jack Dennis Fly Shop, was a good one.  At the end of the season Jack had a cancellation on a “Fly up to the Bighorn River in Montana” for two guided fishing days.  The trip was fully paid for and the customer that cancelled told Jack to have me take his place.  Boom!  This 22 year old was on his way.


There were four anglers and therefore two guides.  Tom Montgomery was one guide.  Tom lived in Jackson Hole and we’ve been good friends since.  The second guide was Bob Butler.  Bob based out of Twin Bridges, MT.


flyfishingThe six of us had a great couple of days and Bob too became a friend for life.  The difference however, Bob continued his life in MT which included raising a family and the list goes on.  We stayed in touch – barely – but knew what each other was up to over the years.  Well, strange things happen.  Bob recently moved to Springbrook, Wisconsin (ten miles from Hayward).  He contacted me.  We laughed pretty hard.  Today was our first day out together.


WisconsinBob and I are excited about our moves to WI.  We had the western fishing figured out but the new waters of Wisconsin have brought back the kid in us again.  Bob’s been scouting and he chose a river float for us to try.  Fully aware that almost all waterbodies would be a crowded junk show during the 4th of July weekend, we opted to push from the boat launch at 5 AM.


bass-fliesThe predawn attack on the water was a wise choice.  The cool early morning temps had the fish hungry.  While I did most my catching with streamers, Bob took a less aggressive approach.  Bob gently twitched an olive bass popper.  Both of us caught a lot of smallmouth bass and one pike.


smallmouth-bassThere were some big smallies to mention.  Bob landed this enormous and chunky 18”.  I got a 19”, one which we both watched follow my streamer for ten feet before sucking it in.  The take was incredible!  And all smallies fight hard but I can tell you, todays fish came from swift water and fought harder than most I’ve ever caught.


fly-fishingWhile our fishing was outstanding, for me the big bronze backs were not the highlight.  Bob was rowing and just as we came around a bend, I could see a doe and one fawn whitetail deer.  Bob pointed us their direction and gave one push with the oars then we both froze.  With our lack of movement, the deer family didn’t spook and run.  Instead, a second fawn popped out and they stared us down.


4th-of-JulyI’ve seen lots of amazing things in my first few weeks of fishing in my new state.  I’m really enjoying it.  All but the end of todays float that is.  Remember we left early because of the 4th of July weekend?  Let’s just say I’m glad we did.  There were so many partying tubers it was unreal.  I believe tomorrow will be a stay home a work day.  But expect many future reports with Bob!


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  1. Matthew Norton

    Quality fish!! That Deer picture is amazing.

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