A Big Beautiful Start to Change in 2022

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Texas-fishingBeen awhile since the last blog.  That report came from Dubai after a fun day on the water.  In fact, that entry concluded nearly a month of daily accounts on the Indian Ocean.  It was truly and incredible trip.  Today life is 100% different.  I’m writing from Castell, TX along the banks of the Llano River.  And from Granny’s and my new van!


Currier-flyfishingJust a reminder, Granny and I sold our house in Victor, ID on Sept 7.  We were officially kicked out on November 1.  Hard to believe after 29 years living in Victor and 34 years in the Yellowstone Country, but it was time.  Call us crazy, but for us we saw a time to cash in, change our life a bit and with the extra money buy this van.  It’s the smallest rig available.  This is 17’ 9”, Dodge Ram/Winnebago Solis Pocket 2022.  It seems huge to us upgrading from the 1991 Explorer!


van-fishingI returned to Mom’s in NH from the Indian Ocean on December 16.  On the 19th I flew to Jackson Hole where I fetched Granny.  While I was away she kept her job in Jackson and lived in an apartment.  That night we partied at the Knotty Pine with friends one last time then on the eve of the 20th I did a Christmas event at WorldCast in Victor.  Needless to say by the morning of the 21st I was a little exhausted being I never even recovered from the jetlag from my big trip.


flyfishingOn the 21st Granny and I pointed her car for NH and hustled all the way back and made Christmas eve dinner with family by a mere hour.  This was the first time I did Christmas back east with family since 1986!


Granny and I enjoyed a week of holidays and by the time New Years was over, all the eating, drinking, short days, long nights – however you want to put it, we were spent like a mayfly spinner.  Then on January 3 we flew to Phoenix to our friends Steve and Lisa Berry’s house and picked up the van.  I bought the van back in November and they stored it since.


backroadsWe didn’t even take a minute to fish for carp in Phoenix.  And I love to do that.  Instead, Wednesday afternoon we hopped in the van and took off for the unknown.  Being I’ve driven nothing but old junker vehicles my entire life, driving something new like the van made me nervous.  Since Phoenix its been all backroads and small towns with no plan other than stay out of the snow!


Granny-CurrierLast night was our fourth night living from our van.  I guess being we don’t own a home these days, the van is our home.  So far we love it.  We’re learning to live in a small space but being we are down south and we can get outside, it’s not bad.  We camped in Roper Lake State Park near Safford, AZ then Percha Dam State Park near Truth or Consequences, NM then somewhere in a gas field in northwest TX and last night here in Castell.


Castell-TexasOur camp here on the Llanos River is beautiful.  It’s the Leifieste Campground and its primitive and there were only two other camps occupied.  When we arrived at about 4 PM it was 73° and calm.  A lady told me the river has a few fish including Guadalupe Bass – a species I’ve not caught.  I rigged up the 5-weight Air 2 Winston and went for it.


TexasFirst cast I caught a cute little redbreast sunfish (also known as yellowbelly).  Soon after I spotted this small bass.  He was very critical of my flies but I finally got him on a bluegill popper.


Guadalupe-BassI took numerous photos for identification and he is indeed my first new species of the year, the Guadalupe Bass (Micropterus treculii).  There are a few ways to tell but the connection of the two top fins being connected was the giveaway.  As always I want to be 100% on this so any verification is appreciated.


flyfishing-TexasWith the first new species of the year coming so soon, I recon we should fish some more and today we might.  We are on somewhat of a schedule.  We need to return to Mom’s in NH so I can retrieve all my coffee mugs, steins and shirts for the Fly Fishing Shows.  We aim to get there by about the 17th so we can be ready for the Marlboro Fly Fishing Show starting January 21st.  Then its full show circuit for almost two months.


Stay tuned for more van life and fishing stories!


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing


  1. Lance

    Good looking rig you got there! Glad your enjoying the new lifestyle. Really? Paper map? Didn’t think anyone used or even has those anymore.. your classic all the way..

  2. Jeff

    Thanks Lance. Yeah man, I’m still not into this phone stuff. Give me a map and I’ll use my own skills to get around.

  3. Rick

    Hey Jeff, I’ve fished the Llano some myself and yup, I believe that’s a Guadalupe Bass. I was excited to land some of those, because they are the northernmost bass related to the Peacock Bass. Happy trails on the road, let me know if you pass through north Georgia on your way to NH, maybe we can get into some trout.

  4. Jeff

    Thanks Rick! Glad to hear I have my new species. We may eventually end up in GA. Expect an email.

    Thanks for reading the blog!

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