Another Morning Flyfishing in New Hampshire

My brother Greg doesn’t give two dangs about fly fishing but he likes to hang out.  The weather was cool but dry and reasonably calm at 6 AM so he headed out in the canoe with me.  He did the same a number of years ago and we had an epic morning.


Best of all for me is that he does all the paddling and controlling the canoe.  This allows me to fish that Ben Byng popper more efficiently.  Sometimes the wind drags it a little when I’m paddling and fishing at the same time and it doesn’t pop correctly.  With Greg holding the canoe I can get the pop that drives smallmouth bass crazy on every cast.


Needless to say, I smeared the smallies once again.  I guess after fishing Lake Winnipesaukee for nearly 50 years now I finally have it down.  Here’s yet another beautiful smallmouth bass.  One of three.  Now Greg and I are off to see dad.


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

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  1. Jack Meredith June 4, 2017 at 6:50 am #

    Jeff I will have to go to my friends Orvis Shop in Beaufort, SC and get some poppers that he knows works here in the Low Country’s fresh water ponds. I just need to take the time and enjoy some of these monster large-mouth bass just waiting for us! Do you remember Tony Royal that was co-owner of Spotted Horse down on the Hoback headed for Pinedale? Well he is the Orvis shop in Beaufort and that is how we ended up here. I wish i could get Suzanne to “just row” as she always end up catching the largest fish no matter what species we are after. Jack

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