A Streamer Tactic that Catches More Fish

blog-Sept-12-2014-1-jeff-currier-streamer-fishingI didn’t expect to see the South Fork of the Snake again until at least mid-November.  I had my fill there with the One Fly.  And the way the water level has been fluctuating and the crowds enjoying the last of summer, why bother before November.  But then the phone rang on Thursday.  On the other end was my good friend Paul Bruun, the sports writer for the Jackson Hole News.


blog-Sept-12-2014-2-paul-bruun-on-the-southforkPaul has been wanting to do a story about my unusual streamer fishing tactics.  He’s seen my multiple fly rig work its magic for years during our fall fishing exploits.  He even saw my single streamer tricks mop up the 2013 One Fly.  The technique which I learned from competing in the World Championships is not a secret.  I’ve given tidbits on the blog but never a thorough run down.


blog-Sept-12-2014-3-jeff-currier-on-the-southforkThe thorough rundown will now come from Paul who is a far better writer than I.  The article will be out on Wednesday in the Jackson Hole News.  You should be able to track it on the web but for sure I’ll have it on the site shortly after it hits.  We had a great afternoon of streamer fishing!


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  1. Dan Yeast September 17, 2014 at 1:00 pm #

    Enjoy your blog and frequent updates and thank you for the advice on using multiple streamers. I did check out the Jackson Hole News Guide. I will try this tactic with a double streamer on the Cumberland River here in Kentucky this weekend. As I understand 5′ section then fly on a tag from a surgeons knot and then the big fly on the end. Im sure I will mess it so when you give the further lowdown on your blog an “expert” tips would be appreciated as a relative newcomer to the flyfishing genre of the sport.
    The method seems very similar to the method of attaching nymphs and fishing them when I was guided by one of your local guides, Dan Oas, summer of 2013. He was is an excellent angler and was very proficient in the use of this method for nymphing. If there is a secret in keeping the first fly on the tag from wrapping the rest of the line any commentary would be appreciated.
    Have a great fall and thanks for allowing those of us with an office job to daydream a little!