Tip-up Ice Fishing for Northern Pike

by | Feb 11, 2018 | ice fishing, northern pike, Wisconsin fishing

For years I’ve been the only one to get up and ice fish on Sunday on this annual Wisconsin ice fishing trip.  I get out with the guides till around noon then we meet the others at the Pea Patch Bar for burgers and hours of pool shooting followed by dice games at Little Bohemia.  But today Larry joined me and the guides for exactly two hours of tip-up fishing for pike.


The location we fish Sunday morning is a walk and we don’t bring the ice shelters.  Once again the temperature was well below zero.  Two hours would be plenty.


Larry and I landed five northern pike on tip-ups.  The action was on.  The flags popped at least ten times.  I think with the cold weather the pike aren’t exactly crushing the minnows.  The tip-ups were set off several times where the minnow was fine and hardly any line got pulled off.  But the five we caught were fun fish all in the 20” to 25” size.



The pool shooting and dice games were fun as usual.  I learned how to play pool in my Ashland days up at Northland College and I must say the skill has come in handy over the years.  I even won in dice for the first year ever.


Today was my last day fishing until I hit Pyramid Lake on March 1.  That’s a long time for me to wait but its back to my show schedule.  Tomorrow its fly home and recover from this fun trip.  Then on Friday I’ll fly to Indianapolis to speak at the Indianapolis Boat and Travel Show over the weekend.  I’ve spoken here the last three years and am very much looking forward to it again.


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