Proof that Yesterday was Lucky

by | Apr 8, 2021 | pikeminnow

flyfish-OregonWhen I hit the pillow last night I thought really hard to compare the fresh “Spring Chinook Salmon” I’d just eaten with other favorite eating fish from walleye to snapper.  I couldn’t chose one over another.  But what I did conclude was Mike’s suggestion to go try to catch another “Spring Chinook” for dinner tonight, was a good plan.  Once again, we left Mike’s Portland, Oregon house for the Willamette River early this morning.


Willamette-RiverThe day was different than yesterday.  It wasn’t as damp but it was much colder and there was hardly a cloud in the sky.  It was an absolute stunner of a drive to the river and then down the river to the spot as well.


Spring-ChinooksWhen we arrived there were more boats then yesterday.  Though cold to start, the forecast was for a beautiful warm day.  No doubt the word was out.  Mike rigged up the herrings and we tossed them over and began a slow troll.


For some reason I lost interest in the trolling early.  Perhaps it was because neither us or any of the other 25 boats hooked a fish in the first hour.  Maybe because there was some fantastic birdlife distracting me.  But instead of working my troll like yesterday, I rigged up my Winston and went to work.


pikeminnowI chucked and ducked for an hour.  Then it was two hours.  I took a break before exercising a third hour.  Then I kicked back and looked around.  Not any of the boats had hooked a fish all day.  It was quite possible I was wasting my time.  Then Mike hooked up.  Turns out it wasn’t a salmon but rather this sizeable Umpqua pikeminnow (Ptychocheilus umpquae).


I’m not sure anyone caught a spring Chinook today.  But it was a great day to be alive.  The scenery and weather were unreal and Mike and I had a good time too catching up.  We’re good friends and it’s been way too long.


stormbreaker-brewinigWe got back to Mike’s around 6 PM.  Mike has a friend, Dan, who owns Stormbreaker Brewing.  Dan generously gave me an assortment of cans to drink this week.  I knocked back a couple tonight and Mike grabbed Thai food to go.  Life is good!  Tomorrow we’re changing venues and heading up the Columbia River for walleye.


Stay tuned!


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