Another Grande Rooster!

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June 22, 2012

I’m very limited on time for writing so today will be short and sweet.  We got a nice early start.  Along the way Grant spotted a dead rattlesnake in the road so I took this close up of his diamond pattern – kind of cool.  We’re always careful when cutting through the bush for the beaches because there are a ton of rattlers around here.

On the first beach Sammy and I destroyed the ladyfish.  We caught one literally every cast.  Ladyfish don’t get much credit but I can attest they are a great fun fish to catch on the fly.  I always pack a 7-weight to Baja and I used it this morning.  I had an absolute blast!

I ended the session on our first beach by casting to a disturbance on the edge of a mud line created from waves breaking on the beach.  I expected another ladyfish.  Luckily I was back to using my 10-weight because first strip through that mud and up came the cone of a 25lb plus roosterfish.  My heart jumped a beat and I hit the deck and picked up the speed of my fly.  Wham!  I had him and fifteen minutes later I landed this awesome fish.  Glad we got him – that was about it for our day.

Unfortunately today was Sammy’s last day and he flies home in the morning.  As for me, I’m flying Sunday so Grant and I will fish tomorrow.  
What a week!


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