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Science-on-the-FlyIf you aren’t yet familiar with Science on the Fly let me help.  Science on the Fly is an organization founded by the Woodwell Climate Research center and Fishpond.  They seek to further our understandings of changing watersheds around the world through long term, world-class river science.  They strive for cold water, clean rivers, healthy watersheds, abundant fish and a bright future.  Howie, longtime pal who you know if you’ve read the blog for any length of time, has a daughter Andrea Norton that works for them.


Shalon-HastingsScience on the Fly had a major fundraising auction last September and Howie and I let them auction off a day fishing with us on Chequamegon Bay on Lake Superior.  Our new friend, Shalon Hastings of Helena, Montana, offered the highest donation and today we took her out.  Its Howie’s boat so he took on the roll of Capt. and head guide while Shalon and I had a blast fishing.


white-perchThe main target today was smallmouth bass until we recently learned that Shalon has not caught a northern pike and was anxious to possibly change that.  We left the Washburn dock around 7 AM and headed for the Sand Cut Slough on the southeast side of Chequamegon.  It was a beautiful calm blue skied morning and Shalon started her day catching a white perch – an unexpected new species for her list.



As things warmed up the smallmouth began to take our flies.  None were the monsters Howie and I ended last season with but all were handsome 10” to 13” scrappers that were fun to catch.  Shalon would catch at least ten today.


Chequamegon-BayThe pike were not as cooperative.  In fact, I hooked the first from an unexpected place and therefore I was fishing my smallie rig without wire.  I got the pike just close enough to see he was in the low 30 inch range before he bit through my 0X Fluoro.


northern-pikeI put away my smallie rig after the mishap and broke out my 9-weight with a big fly attached to wire.  I’m searching for a 40 plus inch pike from the lower 48.  Lake Superior is a great place to do this.  Shortly after we found some weeds and I landed two small ones.  We got Shalon set up immediately after my first.


pike-on-flyWhile the pike weren’t exactly jumping on the line, nor were they the big guys we hoped for, Shalon got her pike.  In fact she nailed three of the toothy critters which put big smiles on for all of us.


Shalon-Hastings-smalliesThe three of us had an amazing day on the water together.  We fished right till about 7 PM before making the trek back to Washburn.  It was a long day but a good one.  Most importantly Shalon seemed to have a great time fishing with Howie and I.


flyfishingI’m not sure if Science on the Fly has their auction each year but if they do keep an eye, there’s a good chance you too may have a chance to donate and end up fishing with Howie and I for a day!


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing


  1. Tad


    Beautiful day for fishing.

    Have a great week!


  2. Jeff

    It sure was – thank you!

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