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flyfishingYellow Dog Flyfishing founder Jim Klug called me July 7th and asked me to fish for the YD Jackson Hole One Fly Team in September.  I was leaving for Italy July 9th.   The last thing I wanted to consider was leaving my new home waters in Wisconsin for yet another time this summer.  But I thought it over. Then Granny chirped in and said I was crazy not to go.  I always enjoy fishing the One Fly and also I’d get to see many good friends.  The Teton’s were my home for 34 years.  Ok.  I’ll go.


fly-fishingI arrived in Jackson late last night.  The actual competition isn’t until Saturday and Sunday.  I figured if I came this far I may as well fish a few extra days so I came early and I’ll also stay and fish on Monday.  Today I floated the Snake with friends Mike Dawes and Darren Calhoun.


Mike-DawesI go back many many years with both Darren and Mike and feel lucky both were available.  Darren owns Wind River Canyon Whitewater and Fly Fishing and Mike was the leader at WorldCast Anglers since its start.  Mike is now freelancing all kinds of cool things in fly fishing like myself.  We’ve been on several expeditions together.  Our coolest was one of the craziest in both our lives.  That was to Bhutan working on a project for the World Wildlife Fund – plain in simple – we had to find golden mahseer.  We did.


Mike-DawesWe fished the Pacific Creek to Deadman’s section of the Snake River.  But before we hit the water, Mike interviewed me for his well known podcast, Permit to Think.  If you haven’t heard this one yet be sure to check it out.  We had a blast recording today and I’ll be sure to mention todays when it hits the soundwaves.


Snake-RiverMike, Darren and I dropped the drift boat in at noon.  This stretch of the Snake is in Grand Teton National Park and fishes well.  While the region has been burdened with extreme hot temperatures, a front has moved in.  We experienced a high temperature of only 70° with clouds and strong wind.  There’s also lingering forest fire smoke drifting in from various parts of the west.


cutthroat-troutThe Snake around Jackson Hole is fabled water for the native Snake River Fine Spotted Cutthroat.  While my move to Wisconsin has been fantastic, I do miss these gorgeously colored trout.  We jumped out of the gates with Darren catching several of these beauties.


Darren-CalhounDarren is also fishing the One Fly and we both plan to compete with a streamer so that’s what we practiced with.  We continued to catch fish from the first minute onward.  The fishing was superb.


Jackson-HoleMike kindly never let go of the oars today and he knows these waters well.  I’m grateful he hung on to them because the strong wind I mentioned, became fierce.  Whenever you have a front moving into the Yellowstone region the wind gets ugly fast.  Battling through the whitecaps was no problem for Mike.


Jeff-CurrierWe wrapped the day up at 6 PM.  We’d love to have floated till sunset but Darren and I had to register for the One Fly and see what stretches we drew for the actual One Fly.  I will be fishing the Upper Canyon of the South Fork of the Snake on Saturday.  Word on the street is that the South Fork has been tough.  I always find a way to do well there not matter what so I’m not concerned.  Sunday I have the weakest scoring section of the competition, South Park to Prichard on the Snake.  I’ve drawn this less regulated section almost every time in the One Fly – therefore I know it.  And I have a strategy where I’m certain I can help Team YD.


fly-fishingMy Team members, Josh Mills (Program coordinator – Yellow Dog), Bryan Gregson (Bryan Gregson Photography) and Tom Bie (Editor of The Drake Magazine) have arrived.  We are having some fun tonight.  Tomorrow we will float the lower Snake and practice.  This will be a great trip!


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  1. Brian I

    Nice to hear you’ll be on Permit to Think! I’ve been really enjoying his podcast – looking forward to your episode.

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