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The Henry’s Fork Marathon – 2013

June 25, 2013


blog-June-25-2013-1-WorldCast-Anglers-sloganMy annual Henry’s Fork Marathon took place today.  Granny and I and friends left the Last Chance parking lot before 8 AM and fished our way through the Harriman Ranch all the way to the Osborne Bridge and back.  This is a distance of about eight miles of walking and wading.  If you’re fishing hard, you don’t make it back to the parking lot till about 10 PM.  Though it’s not the longest day of the year, it’s definitely the longest fishing day of the year.


blog-June-25-2013-2-Jeff-&-Granny-CurrierGranny and I have been doing this marathon fishing day every year since 1986.  Those first ten or so years we had no name for the event, we were simply taking advantage of our longest day off from work.  After awhile friends joined in and the great day officially became an annual tradition and acquired the name Marathon. A fifteen hour fishing day without stopping equals a marathon in any sport.


blog-June-25-2013-3-Henry's-ForkWith so many years you can imagine all the different experiences.  As for the fishing there have been extremely poor years and extremely fantastic years.  In 2010 everyone was completely skunked as far as a big fish.  That was my first Marathon blank.  I was beaten and I still can’t believe that in fifteen hours I couldn’t catch one quality Henry’s Fork rainbow.  In 2011 I took revenge and that Marathon was one of the best Henry’s Fork Ranch days of my life.


blog-June-25-2013-4-Harriman-Ranch-on-the-Henry's-ForkEach year brings different weather and different people.  When fishing and weather is good several years in a row, the group of Marathoners gets big.  But after one difficult year like 2012, where the wind blew horrendously from 9 AM till 9 PM, the crowd drops dramatically.  The weak, the beginners and those who need to catch lots of fish can’t mentally chance the risk of another brutal Ranch day. It’s sad because for Granny and I the Marathon isn’t all about the fishing, its enjoyable time spent with friends who love to fish as much as we do.  For us when fishing stinks like it did last year and several Marathons for that matter, this allows more time sitting on the bank chatting with my friends with beers and cigars.  I guess not many of us think this way because today there were a mere four of us.


blog-June-25-2013-5-Granny-Currier-Henry's-ForkResults from today’s Marathon won’t draw a crowd for next year either.  2013 will go down as a tough one.  The weather was near perfect.  We had only a few windy spells with light rain showers and very little sun.  Conditions favored thick hatches to entice hungry rising fish.  But what seemed ideal didn’t pan out at all.  Hatches were sporadic, and during the short windows when hatches were steady, the big fish only made the occasional rise to them.  Today entailed lots of walking, plenty of anticipation and very little casting.


blog-June-25-2013-6-Jeff-Currier-on-the-Henrys-ForkFor the first time ever, at least I think, Granny and I never made a single cast the entire walk to Osborne Bridge.  The flies remained hooked to the rod the entire morning and most of the afternoon.  Granny caught a small riser just for the sake of casting at around 4 PM because she felt the need.  I cast to my first decent fish at 5:30 and landed the hard pulling 15 incher with a sigh of relief.  There would be no repeat of 2010.


blog-June-25-2013-7-green-drake-mayflyThe green drake hatch trickled all day.  We waited and waited for them to explode and bring up the fish but they never did.  Then the brown drakes took flight at 6 PM.  Things seemed hopeful but few to none of the huge mayflies hit the water.  You knew it was a tough day on the Ranch; the normally crowded fishery was empty of anglers except for the four of us Marathoners by 7 PM.


blog-June-25-2013-8-Granny-CurrierWhen you have the Ranch to yourself you can always muster up some fish.  Granny wisely said the heck with big fish and went on a small fish catching rampage.  She had a blast.  Meanwhile I finally spotted a monster that rose once.  I got him to eat but bent my hook on the set!


blog-June-25-2013-9-Henry's-ForkGranny headed for the car at 8 PM.  I crossed to the far side of the Henry’s Fork just above the area we refer to as the islands.  I found a high spot and popped a Sierra Nevada to watch the cloud formations pass where the sun would normally set.  It was darker than it should be.  I was taking in my day when I heard a whoosh.  My head spun wildly to a current line coming off a rock near me and sure enough there were rings from a rise.  I stared then watched a huge rainbow rise again.  I couldn’t see what he ate but without any hesitation, without getting up, I flicked out a short cast with my parachute olive hares ear (a superb green drake imitation).  The fly drifted no more than an inch and the rainbow slurped it.


blog-June-25-2013-10-Harriman-Ranch-Henry's-ForkAn ensuing battle took place with numerous cart wheeling leaps.  Those all took place as I tried to balance my freshly opened beer in a tuft of grass.  Once that crisis was solved I fought the big rainbow to some shallows below me where I clicked this pic and let him go.  Despite how dark it was this pic shows the size of this beast.  What a great ending to the 2013 Marathon!


blog-June-25-2013-11-Henrys-Fork-River-IdahoAfter my beer it was 9:30 and drizzling.  There was a unique half rainbow to the north that continuously changed to give me a show as I walked back to the parking lot.  Oh, I found one more bank feeder along the way as well but he didn’t cooperate before spooking from a muskrat.  I officially got back to the car at 9:50 PM.  Another Marathon in the books.


The Henry’s Fork Marathon is an event I hope I can continue all my life.  It’s undoubtedly my favorite day of the year.  The Ranch has plenty of room so if you ever get a wild hair and want to join the walk please do.  Everyone is welcome.  The Marathon almost always takes place on the Tuesday after the Solstice.  2014 will be June 24th.  I hope to see you there.


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Fishing on the Longest Day of the Year – A Must!

blog-June-21-2013-1-Tom-MontgomeryJune 21, 2013

I shouldn’t have fished today.  I’m behind on artwork, writing projects, one blog, yard work and etc.  Not to mention I haven’t recouped from five months of traveling for work and fishing.  But when Tom Montgomery tells me things are happening on the water in Wyoming, I drop everything.


blog-June-21-2013-2-Fly-Fishing-WyomingDrifting through the sagebrush covered high desert of Wyoming in the course of groves of cottonwoods twitching dries for frenzied brown trout is one of my favorite things.  This opportunity is short lived due to a quick turn of events.  This part of Wyoming literally doesn’t thaw out till the end of May.  Once thawed the region gets a month of high water from runoff.  When the water comes down and the rivers clear up, fishing is great for less than three weeks because then the water drops too much and gets warm forcing the browns to hide till October.  Parts of Wyoming are about the harshest trout environments in the world.


blog-June-21-2013-3-Jeff-CurrierI met Tom and Bill Happersett at 7:15 AM.  Bill is one of the top guides for WorldCast Anglers.  Then we drove over an hour and launched the boat for a ten mile float.  Things started strong with a couple good browns under partly cloudy skies and no wind.  My brown crushed a twitched Chernobyl and Bill hammered his on a nymph.


blog-June-21-2013-4-Float-Fishing-in-WyomingPerhaps we started off too fast.  We fished maniacally for the next two hours with nothing more than a few carelessly missed fish.  When you start out strong you get a little lazy sometimes and we missed fish we should have caught.  Then sun gave in to wispy clouds and in came the wind.  She didn’t blow quite like Wednesday, but it was ugly enough not only to hinder casting but rowing was awful.


blog-June-21-2013-5-Cutthroat-in-WyomingLike it often does when foul weather arrives, the river turned on.  It’s like flicking a switch.  For hours there seems to be no fish then suddenly every good place you land your fly there’s a fish.  For the next three hours we hooked into more than twenty browns a few rainbows and even a few cutthroats like this colorful hawg.


blog-June-21-2013-6-Bill-HappersettI didn’t get home till 9 PM last night.  The sun was still up.  You got to love the longest day of the year.  I was beat but after a couple Sierras I actually got an hours work on my new website – that counts – I worked today.  Ha!


Next on the agenda is a weekend of working then Monday night its back to the Henry’s Fork.  Tuesday is my favorite and longest fishing day of the year, the Marathon.  If you’re not familiar with my Marathon then check out 2010, 2011 or 2012.  Everyone is welcome to come along.


A special thanks to Tom for providing the best photos today!


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Ririe Reservoir – Bass on the Fly Tourney 2013

June 19, 2013

blog-June-19-2013-1-Smallmouth-bassHow hard is it to catch a 12” smallmouth bass on Ririe Reservoir in Idaho?  Evidently very very very hard!  Today was our annual Bass on a Fly Tourney and catching five qualifying 12” bass was extremely difficult.  In fact, not one of the eighteen teams brought in five bass.


blog-June-19-2013-2-Ririe-Reservoir-bass-tourneyI fished with Granny and Mark Kuhn (Milkfish).  Milky came over and met at our house at 5 AM.  We packed my Explorer and rolled into Ririe before 7.  We and many of the eighteen teams were ready to rock well before the 8:30 AM start time.  But readiness didn’t matter today.


blog-June-19-2013-3-Mark-KuhnThe fishing just flat out stunk.  It wasn’t that we couldn’t catch plenty of smallmouth bass on the fly, they were simply tiny.  We caught twenty smallies, but only three were longer than 10” and none of these hit the 12” mark.


At 1 PM a front blew in.  Wind funneled down the canyon lake and gusts blew up to 45 MPH.  It wasn’t only impossible to hold a boat in position for casting, it was flat out dangerous.  Get your drift boat sideways in a gust like that and one of the three foot white capped waves could easily dump you.  Did I mention it poured for an hour also?


blog-June-19-2013-4-Bass-n-Fly-TournamentWe took our first blank into the weigh-in after six of these tourneys.  I was disappointed but found numerous others to share the punch.  Out of the eighteen teams more than half were fishless and left early and the winning team won with a mere three smallies.  Congrats to them for getting three in brutal conditions!


blog-June-19-2013-5-Ririe-Reservoir-IdahoDespite the beating, I’ll look forward to the Ririe Bass on a Fly Tournament next year.  I love the competition and I love getting together with friends.  My next day on the water will be Friday somewhere in Wyoming.


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Granny and the Green Drake Hatch

June 18, 2013

blog-June-18-2013-1-Henry's-ForkGranny and I drove to the Henry’s Fork last night and camped in the gravel pits below Osborne Bridge.  We grilled some dogs and tipped some beers with some of our older friends and caught up on some bad news.  One of the group, he was at the parking lot party the other night, died on the river while casting to a fish on Sunday morning.  Bob was around 70 and seemed in excellent shape. You never know, and it sucks, but what a way to go.


blog-June-18-2013-2-willet-bird-Henry's ForkI fished with Granny on the Ranch this morning.  My shoulder has been acting up so I left my rod behind and grabbed the camera. There were a few bugs but nothing great at first. There were more angry noisy willets protecting their nests than anything.  The sun grew high as did the temperature, the worst conditions for the Ranch on the Henry’s Fork.  But one big cloud blocked out the sun for twenty minutes and a solid hatch of green drakes occurred.  Things went from no rising fish to a lot of small guys flopping everywhere.


blog-June-18-2013-3-Green-DrakeI tied on a CDC Drake for Granny and she banged up a number of fish.  She landed a respectable one but the best fish, she missed him.  Granny made the most perfect classic Henry’s Fork “down and across” presentation you could ask for followed by a feed of more than 30 feet of line.  Seriously, the drift was unreal but the fish ate her fly just as it began to drag and she did nothing more than floss the huge rainbow.


blog-June-18-2013-4-Granny-Currier-Henry's ForkIt was a great relaxing morning.  Tomorrow is our annual Bass on the Fly Tourney.  The goal is to wake up shoulder pain free and stick some nice smallies and win!  The forecast however does not sound good.


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Henry’s Fork – Opening Day of the Ranch 2013


June 14 & 15


Opening days are becoming a thing of the past.  With catch and release, many fishing areas worldwide have switched to year round fishing.  There’s no doubt its nice to fish whenever you want, but I miss an old fashion opening day.


blog-June-15-2013-2-Opening-day-on-the-RanchOpening days create a lot of excitement for me.  When I was a kid I couldn’t sleep the night before trout season.  I couldn’t wait till daylight. These days, sure I love to get on the water, but openers are indeed crowded.  For me it’s more about seeing old friends.  Fortunately one of the best opening days in fly fishing has no threats of departing, the Harriman Ranch on the Henrys Fork.


blog-June-14-2013-3-Henry's-Fork-Ranch-OpenerThe Ranch always opens on June 15th.  I zipped up to the Fork on Friday afternoon (the 14th).  I came close to wadering up upon arrival.  There were plenty of hefty rainbows rising at Last Chance above the log jam.  But instead visits with old friends built up momentum.  We had an outstanding parking lot party that lasted till sunset.  This included plenty of drinking, eating and spreading the ashes of one of our longtime Henry’s Fork fellow anglers.  What a memorable evening that ended around 1 AM at the Trout Hunter.


blog-June-15-2013-4-Green-Drake-mayflyDespite the late evening I was up at the crack of dawn.  After a badly needed greasy breakfast I joined the troops for a morning on the Ranch.  For the first time in weeks it was hot, sunny and there wasn’t an ounce of wind.  The PMD’s hatched heavily along with a scattering of caddis and a green drake or two.  The Henry’s Fork is full of 14 to 16 inch rainbows this year.  Fishing was fantastic!


blog-June-14-2013-5-Jeff-Currier-7-JBGranny and I will head back to the Fork Monday evening for yet another party with friends then fish Tuesday.  Then home Tuesday night to get the boat ready for the annual Bass on a Fly Tournament on Wednesday.  Hope to see some of you out this week!


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Great Memories from Slovenia

blog-June-13-2013-1-Fly-fishing-in-SloveniaFly fishing in Europe 2013 will go down as a “Monsoon Currier” classic.  Vladi and I fought through at least some heavy rain EVERY day of the trip and more than half the adventure we had rain all day.  Luckily, despite the tormenting weather, the goals were met.

blog-June-13-2013-2-Vladi-TrzebuniaFirst and most important, Vladi and I spent time together.  Vladi is a best friend and unfortunately because we live 6,000 miles apart we only fish together once every few years.  Our last visit was July of 2010 in Norway.

blog-June-13-2013-3-marble-troutSecond, I caught the rare and incredible marble trout (Salmo marmoratus).  Not just a few marmoratus either but about twenty including one memorable big boy on a dry fly.

blog-June-13-2013-4-Jeff-Currier-in-SloveniaLast, I’ve now fished Slovenia.  Slovenia has been on my list a long time but been neglected, probably because all those crazy fish of the world entice me more.  But let me tell you, Slovenia did not disappoint.  This will go down as one of my top trips.  Enjoy these final pics!

blog-June-13-2013-5-Salmo-marmoratusMarble Trout (Salmo marmoratus)

blog-June-13-2013-6-Fly-fishing-in-SloveniaIdrijca River, Slovenia

blog-June-13-2013-7-Slovenia-Rainbow-troutRainbow Trout, Nadiža River, Slovenia

blog-June-13-2013-8-the-mayfly“The” Mayfly

blog-June-13-2013-9-Fly-fishing-CroatiaEuropean Grayling, Kupa River, Croatia

blog-June-13-2013-10-Slovenian-BeerLasko Beer Slovenia

blog-June-13-2013-11-Kupa-River-brown-troutSpectacularly colored brown trout, Croatia

blog-June-13-2013-12-Fly-fishing-near-minesWatch out for mines.  A photo you shouldn’t show your mother!

blog-June-13-2013-13-Marble-troutMarble trout (Salmo marmoratus)

blog-June-13-2013-14-Marble-trout-SloveniaThe end of another incredible adventure!


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Final Push – Fly Fishing in Slovenia

June 8 & 9, 2013


blog-June-8-2013-1-Nadiza-River-SloveniaWe fished ourselves into the ground these last two days.  I’ll group them together so I can get some rest.


June 8


blog-June-8-2013-2-soufie-fishYesterday we fished a new river in Slovenia named the Nadiža.  A stunningly beautiful river but very few fish.  I caught more soufie than trout.  However the two rainbows I caught were big and both absolutely smoked me on my 4-weight Ross Rx.


June 9



Today was my last day so I went back to the small river, the Reka Baču.  I went there specifically to catch marble trout one more time.  From my experience here earlier in the trip the fish are small but no less than gorgeous.  I also had one that I botched earlier this week that I wanted to try for again.  Sure enough he was there and today I got him.  To my surprise he was a 15” grayling.  I was positioning him for a few photos on the gravel bar and he got away.  The only shot I got was this one, a shame as he was spectacular.


And yes, I caught a few more small marble trout and brown trout marble trout hybrids – they are so cool!


blog-June-9-2013-6-marble-troutMy license ran out today and even though I have a few hours in the morning before the journey home I’m calling it.  My last day on the Reka Baču was just the way I wanted to end it.  Later this week I’ll sum up the trip and show more pics.


Also later this week, the Henrys Fork, starting with the Ranch Opener this weekend!


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

No Blanks in Slovenia

June 7, 2013


blog-June-7-2013-1-Idrijac-River-SloveniaRain, rain and more rain today.   We hung around the Pri Jazbecu till 11 then went to the Idrijca River and threw on the waders and permanently wet rain jackets.  Vladi’s foot is almost better so he was ready to fish.  We went right to where we knew of a pod of rising rainbows.  They were there and Vladi spent the afternoon sitting on the rock and caught five.


blog-June-7-2013-2-rainbow-trout-in-SloveniaI went on yet another marathon walk.  I was hoping to relive the hike I took a few days ago with another big marble on a dry fly.  Unfortunately today was not the same.  I found only two fish.  One was a respectable rising rainbow that I jumped and lost.  Then I found this big rainbow nymphing.  I enticed him to a parachute Adams.  I came close to my first skunk of the trip today but instead I eked it out.  No blanks in Slovenia!


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Unexpected Fishing Day in Italy

June 6, 2013


blog-June-6-2013-1-Fly-fishing-in-ItalyI’ve been fishing my butt off for a week.  Yesterday I walked miles.  When Vladi suggested a day of cruising into Italy instead of fishing so he could rest his foot, I was all over the idea.  I pictured a great meal and some killer red wine at some outside restaurant.  At around 10 AM we crossed the border from Slovenia to Italy.  Wouldn’t you know there was a great looking river there!


blog-June-6-2013-2-fishing-in-EuropeThe sun was making a rare appearance.  We pulled off the road to glance into this gorgeous stream.  Sure enough, in about three seconds I spotted about five hefty European chubs.  Then, sleeping on bottom in the middle of the run was a huge trout.  To me it looked like it could be a marble trout.


blog-June-6-2013-3-Fly-fishing-in-ItaliaThat was it.  As all smart fishermen do, we brought our stuff despite being a non fishing day.   We wheeled downstream to the nearest town and tracked down some Italian fishing licenses.  These licenses would be the most difficult to get of our lives.  We literally had to fill out some paperwork at a fishing shop.  Then find somewhere to photo copy this with our passports.  Then we found the post office where they did some paperwork and gave us a stamp of approval.  Then it was back to the fishing shop where they did paperwork for our paperwork.  The process took two hours.  Luckily the mini adventure was kind of fun thanks to the fact that everyone was incredibly nice and helpful.  By the way each license cost 25 Euros.


blog-June-6-2013-4-fly-fishing-in-EuropeWe didn’t run immediately to where we saw the fish near the border.  We’d driven about thirty miles into Italy along the river the entire way.  We began where we were.  A place as pretty as they come.  The water was crystal clear with turquoise blue pools at the base of every riffle.  It was easy wading and there were a few bugs around.


Because of the clarity and small size of this river Vladi and I split up.  I gave Vladi the water where we parked because of his foot.  I ventured downstream a half hour.  I spent the next two hours working my way back to the car.  The water was incredible looking but I didn’t catch a thing.  Vladi however, landed two small brown trout fishing dries blind.


blog-June-6-2013-5-fly-fishing-for-barbellVladi’s report pushed me two hours upstream.  I blind fished my way along but again nothing.  As I was combing the dry fly spots I couldn’t help but notice some chubs and a type of barbel in the slack waters.  I’ve caught barbel before in Spain and they were great fun so I changed my tactics and nymphed up a barbel for my first fish in Italy.


blog-June-6-2013-6-Slovenia-beerAs I released my barbel it started to pour.  Our nice day was long gone.  The rain was so bad that Vladi and I drove around and I sucked a couple beers.  We sat out the downpour for three hours.


We had two hours of daylight left by the time the rain slowed.  This time we went near the border where we saw the possible marble trout earlier today.  Again Vladi fished near the car while I ventured upstream.  I plucked away at a few logical little brown trout spots with a dry but nothing.  I was getting kind of bummed when suddenly I found a pod of risers.


blog-June-6-2013-7-marble-trout-in-ItalyI needed one of these fish.  Rather than hastily casting I observed for ten minutes.  All I could see were the lips of the fish breaking the surface.  I couldn’t see the actual.  I thought they might be chubs.  However, during the next half hour I landed two scrappy 17” marble trout on a parachute Adams and a third that I sight nymphed.  What a great unexpected day of fly fishing in Italy!


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

Marmoratus on the Dry Fly in Slovenia

June 5, 2013


blog-June-5-2013-1-Fly-Fishing-in-ItalyI thought Vladi was tossing and turning at 4 AM this morning because of the cuckoo bird we have outside our room.  But it wasn’t the crazy bird, it was Vladi’s foot.  Apparently he likes fishing like most of us and ignored his pain yesterday only to burst his blister and turn the damage into a big red swollen knob.  It looks extremely painful.  He could hardly walk let alone fish today.


blog-June-5-2013-2-Jeff-Currier-in-CroatiaWhile Vladi applied real medicine from a pharmacy, I went for a walk on the IdrijcaRiver.  A long walk that likely would be too much for most anglers.  A walk like I do in New Zealand – perhaps about seven miles.  I showed Vladi an upstream bridge and a place for him to park to wait.  Then we drove downstream.  We drove and drove until I figured I had six hours of river walk and fishing.  Then I said drop me off and I’ll see you at that bridge at 7 PM.


I’m not sure Vladi got my plan.  But one thing I know about Vladi, once we make a plan he sticks to it.  And that being said, I knew that tonight, when I was absolutely exhausted and carting an aching back from tromping over slippery rocks in waders all day – Vladi would be there waiting – with a Zywiec.


blog-June-5-2013-3-Jeff-Currier-in-SloveniaSlovenia has become a “Monsoon CLASSIC Currier” trip; it was absolutely pouring when I started my walk.  We’ve had rain every day.  In a sick way I was enjoying it, probably because in the Rockies we get so little rain.  Remarkably, I could see into the water for fish spotting well despite the lack of sun.  So rather than cast, I walked slowly upstream and hunted.  And I walked and walked and walked.  My goal today was to find a big marble trout then catch him on a dry fly.


blog-June-5-2013-4-Idrjca-River-SloveniaThere wasn’t a lot to spot at first.  For the first two miles, the first couple of hours, I saw one fish.  The rainbow wasn’t rising but rather nymphing furiously in a mediocre looking piece of water.  Being greedy, I passed him up because he wasn’t a marble.


Two hours later, with the river coming up fast, I was wishing I’d chased down that rainbow I spotted earlier.  I’ve not been skunked yet this trip and he could have kept my record going.  Things were looking grim as I’d not seen another fish and I was at least five miles into my walk.  Then it happened.  I was moving upstream through the willows like a cat stalking prey and I saw that color.  The color I’d noticed on the rising marble I saw on Day 2.  It’s a special orangey-rust color with a bluish top.



Honestly, I was shocked.  I’d walked a long way.  It was a downpour and I’d lost hope.  But the more I stared at this color it took shape – it was a trout and it was (Salmo marmoratus).  Then to prove it 100%, the marble trout rose.


I took a deep breath.  He looked over 20”.  I wanted him like I wanted that big mahseer in India last month.  This was the marble trout I came for and perhaps the biggest I’ll ever see in my life.  I looked over my parachute Adams.  I checked the hook then ran my fingers over the tippet.  Then I tugged every knot.  Everything was a go.


Next I moved my waterproof Simms pack with my camera gear to a strategic location so I could get it out quick for a few clicks in the rain.  It’s hard to get photos when you’re alone.  I put my pack on the edge of the river about 60 feet downstream.


Once organized I waded into position about 25 feet below the marble.  He was happy – nymphing and eating the occasional mayfly.  I knew my parachute was the right fly.  I just needed to land it there and then hook him when he ate it.  Lo and behold, on my second cast I did exactly that.  Like it was meant to be!


This marble was bigger than I thought.  He raged downstream and flew passed my backpack with my prepared camera gear.  I had no choice but to chase after.  I made a weak attempt to grab my pack and put it on my back but the fish required my full attention as he went from the pool I hooked him in down to the next.  I said screw the camera.


blog-June-5-2013-6-Salmo-marmoratusOnce I got down near him, he still fought hard.  He began to roll on me like a lake trout.  It felt terrible like I was doomed for sure.  One thing I’ve noticed with these marble trout is they have vicious teeth for a trout.  I had 3X Scientific Anglers tippet and luckily it withstood the teeth.  Finally he started to give up and I gradually worked him into the shallows where I beached him on some shallow rocks.


It wasn’t as easy as the short essay sounds.  It was back and forth for nearly five minutes.  Every time this lengthy marble trout touched his belly to the rocks he bolted.  Once I finally got him in I had one camera I always carry around my neck.  I shot a few pics.  The marble was relaxed in the shallow water.  I took my fly out and ran for my good camera and backpack.  If the fish swam away, fine.  At least I had a few shots.


blog-June-5-2013-7-marble-trout-Idrijca-RiverUpon returning from my minute run, my marble was still there.  I blazed off a few more shots and measured him.  He was two inches short of a four piece 9-foot rod section making him around 24”.  Marmoratus gets bigger but this will do – especially on a dry fly!


blog-June-5-2013-8-rainbow-trout-Idrijca-River-SloveniaI was in the zone for the last leg of the day.  I found three more rising fish.  Another respectable marble trout and two rainbows.  I hooked and lost the marble.  Like the first one he tore off a lot of line then did the lake trout roll only he went down a rapid and got off.  Indeed I was ticked!  The other two fish were rainbows and I jumped them both.  One came off while the other I landed.  He was a monster and rivals any rainbow I’ve ever caught!


Slovenia is far surpassing my expectations.  Perhaps today was a fluke.  Perhaps I’ll wake up soon and this is all a dream.  I don’t think so though.  I only caught two fish today but this was one of my most memorable trout fishing days ever!


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