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Get ready for my first ever Online Presentation – “Trout Bumming the World”.  Wednesday April 8 at 6 PM MST.  Click here for details.


fishing-webinarsNo doubt the COVID-19 will change our world forever.  In these early stages as I watch the snow continue to fall we don’t know what to expect.  Social distancing and lockdown are the first twists to our lives.  And I’m certain there will be more down the road.  No matter what they are, the best strategy is to adapt.


At first, lockdown was a shock.  You know from reading this blog I can’t sit still.  But then it dawned on me.  Being home for a change could be good.  I made a list of things to do.  Quick for me were no brainer projects like spring cleaning, paint up a few new fish species to add to my line of products, website updates and etc.


art-on-YetiBut just as I started these tasks I was happily interrupted with requests for artwork.  Not so much paintings, but sharpie art.  I’ve been busting out numerous Cliff Fly Boxes as well as Yeti Tumblers and even phone covers at a pace I only keep at the Fly Fishing Shows.  These orders are greatly appreciated!


Another interruption is foreign to me.  Requests for online presentations.  Webinars.  At first I was alarmed.  Talking to an audience from my kitchen table seemed bizarre.  And would I need to download and learn new computer programs?  The idea seemed daunting to a guy that stinks at computers.  But one of the requests was from friend Mike Dawkins of WorldCast Anglers – the fly shop down the street from my house.


Currier-fish-artI contacted Mike and explained my uneasiness with online presenting.  He said it’s simple and convinced me that together it could be a fun way to stay relevant with both his customers and my audience.  And Mike offered to teach me how to do it.


On Thursday we loaded Zoom on my lap top and he gave me a lesson.  Yesterday we made a practice run.  Friends around Victor kicked back from their homes and I did a short presentation about last years Cameroon trip.  Boom!  The show went smooth and honestly, it was pretty cool.  You need to adapt, right?


Jeff-Currier-IcelandWednesday April 8th at 6 PM MST WorldCast is sponsoring my first ever Webinar, “Happy Hour with Jeff” and I’ll be doing my PowerPoint Presentation, “Trout Bumming the World”.  Everyone is invited to attend.  All you need to do is click on this link and register.  Then click again about ten minutes before the event and you’re in.  You may need to download Zoom but it takes less than a minute.


golden-trout-artAs a perk to get folks to participate, WorldCast will be selling Cliff Fly Boxes with my custom fish art – any fish you want.    But the REAL INCENTIVE is you can fill this box with BUY ONE GET ONE FREE FLIES!  You can order at 800-654-0676 or


See you Wednesday.  And expect more webinars to come as we all make the best of lockdown. . . . .


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing


  1. Lance Tomar

    Oh Crap! Currier’s gone techie on us… so this is what the world has come too!! Lord help us… Look forward to “Zooming” into the trout bumming world. Thanks Jeff

  2. Jeff

    Lance, I’m fighting it but doing it. I MUCH rather stand before the audience and shake hands and chat after a gig and use my props and pointer during the show. I hope hopping on planes and going to speak at a club doesn’t go away. Interesting times for sure

  3. Mike Neumann

    Jeff, looking forward to your presentations. There’s alot of us out here that are unable to attend the shows your at, thus missing out. Can’t wait to catch them.

  4. Jeff

    Good point Mike. Should be a fun one!

  5. Dan Swift

    Well done Jeff! Unfortunately, I caught the last 10 min or so. Will the webcast recording be available on your site? Cheers- Dan

  6. Jeff

    Dan I’m afraid its one and done

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