Granny Brings More Good Luck to Baja

by | Nov 14, 2022 | fly fishing the surf | 2 comments

Cerritos-beachYesterday Grant headed back home to Cabo.  Along the way he dropped Sammy off at the airport and Sam returned to Casper, WY.  I stayed back on Cerritos Beach at Sammy’s condo where I edited photos from our incredible fishing up north at Magdalena Bay last week.


Granny-CurrierIn late afternoon I retrieved Granny from the Cabo airport.  We picked up a bunch of supplies in the big city and now we are both here in Baja till December 1.  Although we’ll travel around, home base will be Sammy’s condo.


Currier-flyfishing-CerritosDon’t be disappointed, but there won’t be a ton more big time fishing blogs even though we are in Baja another nearly three weeks.  I’ve been quiet about it; but my left shoulder is toast.  You may remember before hosting in the Seychelles last April I received a cortisone shot.  It has worn off.  Striping in line has been agonizing since late September – and there’s been a ton of fishing.  This being said, I have a fishing problem, and I headed right out o the Cerritos beach for high tide today.


Jeff-CurrierI’ve struggled fishing this beach in all the years Sammy has had this place.  Since about 2010.  I’d never caught a fish.  But today, Granny brought me good luck.  I landed a small Pacific jack crevalle along with this tank of a finescale triggerfish.  I’ve caught a ton of these over the years but this is by far my largest.  And I believe he may be the ugliest triggerfish I’ve ever caught as well!




That’s all for today.  I’m sure we’ll make a few casts every day but for the most part I’ll be working and Granny will be relaxing.  Most folks don’t know what goes in to preparing for an entire winter of speaking at Fly Fishing Shows and engagements at clubs.  But I update all my presentations and add at least a new one or two each year.  So that’s what I’ll be doing along with catching up on blogs and photos.

In the meantime, please visit my webstore for “Christmas Gifts for the Angler that has Everything” and stuff those stockings with my fish decals from “Pescador on the Fly”.

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  1. Howie

    Safe Travels to you both. See you soon on the hard water.

  2. Jeff

    I’m also thinking about a few open water casts from the Bayfield docks!

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