Cool Phoenix Temps Hurt Carp Fishing

by | Feb 21, 2021 | fly fishing for grass carp

fly-fishing-canalsI may not have mentioned it but it isn’t exactly warm down here in Phoenix.  It felt good the first couple days because it’s snowing in Idaho but its not ideal conditions for grass carp fishing.  Grassies like it to be hot.  Today’s high was right at 70° and with the wind I kept on my fleece.  This being said, Steve Berry and I, and another friend, Gentry Smith, found a few grassies in a canal down in the South of Phoenix.  But they would not eat.  They were more hunkered down then up looking for their usual vegetarian meals.


Nomada-fishingWe put a full day in however.  I’m here and fishing the canals is interesting to me whether the fish are feeding or not.  We tried a few different spots and walked a bunch.  But as far as carp go, we got skunked.  In fact Steve and Gentry gave up early and I found them sitting on a cement culvert going over details of a Pyramid Lake trip they are hosting next week.


fish-ArizonaI wasn’t completely skunked though.  I managed to catch a little largemouth bass.  I was actually casting at a tailing common carp and the bass was hiding in the mud created.  Naturally when I hooked the bass he spooked my carp and never to be found again.  There’s good news however, later this week the forecast is for much warmer.  Hopefully carp activity will pick up for us as the week continues.


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