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by | Dec 24, 2023 | Fly Fishing


Happy Holidays everyone!  Sorry to have gone dark since that last post from Borneo.  Seems a few of you were worried about me and I appreciate your reaching out. (Photo not our house!)


fly fishingAll is good.  I walked in the door of our Hayward, WI house (with our new garage for the van and boat underway) at 1am on December 7 after that wild jungle adventure and 36 hours of flight travel.  I was whooped to say the least.  For that jaunt I’d only been gone since November 20th but when you backtrack through early November, October and September you’ll notice I left the country four times.  I was a bit behind on things to say the least.


Currier-artworkLater that day December 7th after telling Granny all about the adventure I began the task of editing photos from Borneo.  Its great fun going through the trip in detail but it’s a big job.  It took at least three days.  Not to mention I had to unpack and dry out a lot of gear!


Between editing photos I did up a number of Cliff Boxes for Christmas orders.  If you’re lucky, maybe you got one with your favorite fish.  If not, feel free to reach out and get yourself a gift to start off 2024.  I also did a live art and mingle event at my local fly shop, Hayward Fly Fishing CompanyStu Neville and his crew are awesome folks and its been an honor to so quickly been welcomed into my new fly fishing community.


Green-Bay-PackersMy return wasn’t all work.  We have amazing neighbors in our new homeland and friends from across the street asked us to join them to the Green Bay Packers game against Tampa Bay.  Granny and I have never been to an NFL game and jumped for the experience.  Despite the loss, lets just say we’ll try to go to a game at Lambeau Field every year from here on.


Granny-CurrierI’ve been getting ready for the show circuit.  As always I have a big schedule starting the new year.  The only place I won’t be this winter is the far west.  I’ve done the Pleasanton, CA Fly Fishing Show for 13 straight years along with many of the local clubs but this year I’m doing a Canada speaking tour, Great Falls, MT and also the Great Waters Fly Fishing Show in Minneapolis.  I’ll miss CA but its also fun doing gigs I don’t do often.


On December 21 we loaded the Ruby Van for the East Coast and drove to Wolfeboro, NH for the holidays with mom and family.  We took the shortest route which is entering Canada in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario and exiting into Derby Line, Vermont.  It’s scary to say that there was no snow on the roads and very little anywhere along the drive.  Hardly any snow in northern WI, the UP of MI, Canada or NH for Christmas?  It’s hard to believe.



This visit to Wolfeboro will be fun.  It also works perfect because my first gig of the year will be at the Marlboro Fly Fishing Show in MA starting January 5-7, 2024.  It’s good to be back in the good ole USA.  Hope to see you all soon!


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From there I headed west to work a few years in the Yellowstone region to simply work as much as most people fish and fish as much as most people work. I did just that, only it lasted over 20 years working at the Jack Dennis Fly Shop in Jackson, WY where I departed in 2009. Now it’s time to work for "The Man", working for myself that is.

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