A Few More Pics From Bhutan

by | Jun 3, 2014 | fly fishing in Bhutan

Bhutan is in the books.  Bhutan is number fifty in countries fished – 50 before 50!

There are always a few pics that didn’t fit into the blog that must be shown.  Here they are and I’m now closing the book on Bhutan till my next trip there.

Niel Fox photo

Niel Fox photo

The happy people of Bhutan

blog-June-1-2014-2-flyfishing-bhutanCool looking butterfly

blog-June-1-2014-3-chocolate-masheerChocolate mahseer scales

blog-June-1-2014-4-thimphu-buddhaWorlds largest Buddha in Thimphu, Bhutan

blog-June-1-2014-4-jeff-currier-fish-artCar dirt art while waiting for permits

blog-June-1-2014-5-brown-trout-fishing-in-bhutanBrown trout from the Haa Valley

Niel Fox photo

Niel Fox photo

Prayer flags in mahseer country in southern Bhutan

blog-June-1-2014-7-jeff-currier-mahseer-fly-fishingGolden mahseer

blog-June-1-2014-8-winston-rods-abel-reelsWinston, Abel and Scientific Anglers catching fish in Bhutan

blog-June-1-2014-9-big-snake-in-bhutanA respectable size python came through camp last night

blog-June-1-2014-10-whitewater-in-bhutanWhitewater madness in Royal Manas National Park Bhutan

blog-June-1-2014-11-trout-fishing-in-bhutanMike Dawes and I floating the Paro River in Bhutan

blog-June-1-2014-12-panbang-bhutanI think we’re almost there!

blog-June-1-2014-13-golden-mahseerAnother beautiful golden mahseer

blog-June-1-2014-14-flyfishing-for-mahseerFirst float down an unknown river in Bhutan

blog-June-1-2014-15-cicada-in-bhutanGiant Himalayan cicada

blog-June-1-2014-16-mahseer-fishing-in-bhutanPrayer Flags in Bhutan

blog-June-1-2014-17-druk-premium-lager-bhutanDruk Premium Lager – the beer of Bhutan

blog-June-1-2014-18-mike-dawes-bhutanFly fishing for brown trout in the Haa Valley Bhutan

blog-June-1-2014-19-jeff-currier-mike-dawes-in-bhutanMike Dawes and I celebrating success in Bhutan!

blog-June-1-2014-20-jeff-currier-releasing-a-mahseer-bhutanUntil next time – so long to the golden mahseer of Bhutan!

Next up – FTR speech Friday night then it’s Henry’s Fork time!

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