Rainy Day Smallies

I sleep out on the porch at the cottage and have since I was a kid. There’s some great sounds such as the loons at night and the song birds in the wee hours of the morning. At 2 AM this morning however the sound was of rain.



We had heavy rain and wind right up until about 6 AM. Prior to the storm I planned to take Granny on Lake Winnipesaukee at 5 to toss poppers for smallmouth bass but with the rain we didn’t exactly jump out of bed early. Instead we slept till 6 then sipped coffee until 7. The rain subsided quite a bit during coffee hour so at 7 we bailed out the canoe and went for it.




It wasn’t exactly comfy out there on the water and at first the bass were nowhere to be found. It’s been a cold spring in New Hampshire and the warmwater fly fishing is behind schedule. Smallies love hovering off rocky shelves and sunken hollow logs but most the places I know were dead.





After about two hours on the water Granny suggested we call it but I hadn’t touched my most reliable fishing spot yet. Sure enough a nice smallmouth was waiting. He sipped my popper smoother than a big rainbow on a small dry fly and when I sunk the hook he was instantly airborne.

In the last 15 minutes or so I stuck three nice smallmouths all on the popper. I’m certain we could have carried on and caught more but Granny was done and we have some plans today. In February we put my dad in a nursing home and this afternoon was my first visit to see him there.

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