Bad Day to Forget the Bear Spray

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blog-Sept-9-2013-1-Jeff-CurrierI spent too much time in the boat last week.  Indeed it paid off with the One Fly victory but today, if Granny and I were going to fish, it had to be unique.  We went for some Idaho brook trout in the middle of nowhere.


The middle of nowhere took us on a tiny unnamed stream lined with willows twelve feet tall.  A place in the Yellowstone Country you should never wander.  If you’re insane enough to be there, the bear spray better be on your belt ready to fire.


blog-Sept-9-2013-2-Brook-trout-fishingWe forgot out bear spray, and as we plucked 5” brook trout from under the overhanging gold tinged willows I got that feeling.  It’s a terrible feeling that we were being stalked.  It raises every hair on your body.  It’s a sense I’m lucky to have in my arsenal as it’s saved me several times.  We couldn’t see the grizzly or smell the bear but I knew.  It was time to roll.


blog-Sept-9-2013-3-Grizzly-Bear-tracksWe made a bunch noise and busted straight back down the center of the tiny stream to the Explorer.  Once in sight of the truck we both got that sigh of relief.  Everything was cool.  I guess my instincts were wrong this time.


As I broke down Granny’s Ross Rod there it was next to my tire, fresh grizzly tracks that weren’t there when we got there an hour earlier.  I wasn’t wrong.  That was a close one.  Don’t forget your bear spray!


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  1. Erik Moncada

    That is crazy Jeff… This blog wasn’t showing up on your main page. I could only click on it through my blogger sight.

  2. Erik Moncada

    Never mind, I was wrong.

  3. Jeff

    Actually you were right Erik. I tried to add the proper dates that these days occurred and screwed things up nicely. Its back in order now.

  4. Mike Barron

    Close call huh? Would definitely say bear spray should be on the checklist when going out into the wilderness. Good thing you’ve got spidy senses!

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