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by | May 21, 2023 | fly fishing for striped bass | 1 comment

saltwater-flyWith the 2023 Cheeky Schoolie Striper Tournament in the rearview it was time to head home today.  When I booked my flight I had choices for the journey Boston to Duluth.  There were early flights and a 6:05 PM one which meant I could go fishing beforehand.  Guess which one I took?


Bob-LewisMy friend Bob Lewis from Cotuit has put me on more fish on Cape Cod than anyone by far.  Last time we fished in 2021 we stumbled on three great white sharks that would give most water lovers a heart attack.  We always get into cool things fish.  Bob picked me up around 6:30 AM this foggy morning to hit the striper rips one last time before I returned to WI.


striper-fliesThe fog was pea soup and it was cool.  Wind was light to start but built up through the morning.  Bob eased us out of Cotuit Bay then we hit the ocean and traveled five miles to a rip Bob had a good day on with the stripers last week.  I was fishing a crazy looking orange floating squid fly Bob encouraged me to try.  On my first cast a 20” striped bass cartwheeled through the strong current and waves trying to eat the fun fly but missed.


Currier-Winston-rodsThe stripers were here, but not aggressive.  Often you can see clearly through the waves with your Polaroids and actually watch the stripers tracking your fly.  Its often a blur and then the fish is on.  But today you observed the follow before they sank away without eating most of the time.  But not all – I still managed to put a bend in my 9-weight with about a dozen of the beautiful fish.


squid-flyAll in all it was an amazing morning.  In fact this has been an amazing extended weekend here on Cape Cod.  Bob and I packed it in at 11 AM and he dropped me directly off at the Barnstable Bus Station to catch a ride to Logan Airport for my flight home.  I’m presently on my flight to Minneapolis before changing over for Duluth.  I don’t get there till midnight then I have my 1.5 hour drive to Hayward.  As if I’m not already exhausted from this exhilarating last week.  Time to doze off and catch up on a few Z’s so I make the deer dodging drive home.


Jeff-Currier-striped-bassA special thanks to Yeti for instigating this whole trip and bringing me east for this great week.  Thank you Costa for hosting me and my Tournament Teammate Blane Chocklett like royalty.  Thank you Bob for an incredible morning on the water.  And most of all, thanks to Cheeky Fishing for creating such an incredible event for the conservation of striped bass.


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  1. Howie

    SWEET! Glad you got on them. The deer are the least of your worries. Mosquitos are killers this year!

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