Summer Art Projects

blog-July-1-2013-1I had no idea that the Henry’s Fork Marathon would be my last fishing day of June.  However, when the heat rolled in here Thursday and after looking at my list of “Artwork to be done” I turned on the TV and watched baseball while painting and drawing on Cliff Fly Boxes at home for five straight days.  I was extremely focused and got a lot done.  And the Cubs are red hot right now – Ha!


blog-July-1-2013-2-Atlantic-Salmon-ArtworkHarvey and I now offer an Atlantic salmon on my famous coffee mugs as well as steins, frosted glasses and everything else from our web store.  And a week from now you can expect a muskellunge.




My friend Coz was with me in the Amazon back in February and he caught a 13lb peacock.  He commissioned me to paint his fantastic fish.  I’ve actually been working on this occasionally for a few weeks.  I put the final touches on him Saturday.


blog-July-1-2013-4-Golden-Dorado-ArtworkI continue to have all the luck in the world as a traveler.  Two friends are TREATING me to Tsimane Lodge in Bolivia late this month.  The least I could do is decorate a couple Cliff Fly Boxes for them.


Tonight Granny and I are off to some secret water.  Stay tuned. . . .

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  1. Erik Moncada July 2, 2013 at 4:08 am #

    Great looking paintings Jeff, I have had peacock bass on the mind! I was looking into the peacock bass they had in Hawaii the other day… Sure its not the Amazon, but its a lot more affordable! 🙂 Nice Golden Dorado!