November Days to Relish In

blog-nov-9-2016-1-flyfishing-speaker-jeff-currierI delivered my PowerPoint presentation “Streamer Tricks for Larger and More Trout” to Madison-Gallatin Trout Unlimited in Bozeman, Montana last night.  This was my fourth visit speaking here.  What a great time as always.  Thanks to everyone who was part of the biggest crowd I’ve seen there yet.


blog-nov-9-2016-2-global-warmingAlthough I didn’t get to fish, my drive from Victor to Bozeman then back was no less than striking.  I stopped at some of my favorite summertime haunts and flicked a few pics.  If you could be here you’d enjoy ridiculous temps in the 70°s and such clear skies you can see mountain ranges 250 miles away.


blog-nov-9-2016-2-henrys-forkLooking down into the Ranch of the Henry’s Fork from Last Chance.

blog-nov-9-2016-3-reynolds-pass-bridgeUpstream from the Reynolds Pass Bridge on the Madison River.

blog-nov-9-2016-4-hebgen-lakeHebgen Lake looking like it does in August!  Rising fish today also – amazing!

blog-nov-9-2016-5-quake-lakeQuake Lake.  If only I had my Granny and the boat. . . .

blog-nov-9-2016-6-henrys-lakeHenry’s Lake.  So late in the season there was only one boat!

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  1. Montana Ranches November 16, 2016 at 3:58 pm #

    I enjoyed your presentation very much and thanks for coming into our neck of the woods!