I have been locked down in my work for three weeks now. The closest I’ve been to fishing is packing for Madagascar. I’ve tied 50 or so Biminis, whipped loops on lines, organized flies, rods, reels and all the other goodies that go along for a tropical adventure. Beyond my packing though, I’ve been painting fish to stock my galleries and drawing on Cliff Fly Boxes. It seems like I draw on at least a Cliff Box a day. Its nuts. I can’t wait until I get to Madagascar and actually reach in to a Cliff Box to grab a fly!

In addition to all this I’ve been preparing for a weekend of seminars in Boise, Idaho. If you are in the Boise area this weekend, be sure and stop in one of the local fly shops to sign up for the event. Pete Erickson, Phil Rowley and I will be teaching classes and giving seminars on every aspect of fly fishing both Saturday and Sunday. You could even catch us at the Boise Cabelas tonight as we will be there signing books and hanging out till closing.

The most excitement I’ve had in Victor lately has been watching the arrival of the migratory birds. As you’ve seen in my past postings, my birdfeeder hangs about 8 feet from my computer and I glance at them all day. Yesterday a pair of red crossbills arrived. This species always shows up in late March and my guess is that by the time I get home from Boise on Monday afternoon I’ll have a flock of 50 rummaging around for seed – as long as Granny keeps the feeders full this weekend!

Unfortunately, our weather has turned on us again. Last week I was surprised that my old car in the yard was still buried in snow. Well, it hasn’t gotten any better. Other Wednesday’s sunshine for about 5 hours, it has snowed nearly every day and it just started dumping again. Say goodbye to the old car for another few weeks I guess. And I better tighten that seatbelt for my long drive to Boise!


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I started fly fishing at age 7 in the lakes and ponds of New England cutting my teeth on various sunfish, bass, crappie and stocked trout. I went to Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin, where I graduated with a Naturalist Degree while I discovered new fishing opportunities for pike, muskellunge, walleyes and various salmonids found in Lake Superior and its tributaries.

From there I headed west to work a few years in the Yellowstone region to simply work as much as most people fish and fish as much as most people work. I did just that, only it lasted over 20 years working at the Jack Dennis Fly Shop in Jackson, WY where I departed in 2009. Now it’s time to work for "The Man", working for myself that is.

I pursue my love to paint fish, lecture on every aspect of fly fishing you can imagine and host a few trips to some of the most exotic places you can think of. My ultimate goal is to catch as many species of fish on fly possible from freshwater to saltwater, throughout the world. I presently have taken over 440 species from over 60 countries!