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by | Aug 28, 2021 | The School of Trout

August 23-27, 2021


I’m just back from instructing the Advanced Dry Fly Class for the School of Trout.  My fellow teachers were school founder, Todd Tanner, along with friends John Juracek, Patrick McCabe, Tom Rosenbauer and Steve McFarland.  Not to brag, but that’s pretty solid line up of instructors if I do say so myself.


TroutHunterWe started early Monday morning on the banks of the Henry’s Fork after our host, TroutHunter, nourished us and our eight students with a classic breakfast.  Students are required to have at least the basic skills of fly fishing for the Advanced Dry Fly Class.  Before we even start classes we have students cast for us to various targets out on the TroutHunter lawn.  It’s a lot of fun and a great way for everyone to meet before the intense days of learning ahead.


School-of-TroutAfter that first casting session its hardcore morning classes and discussions all week.  For example, John gave a thorough PowerPoint presentation entirely about rise forms and how to choose flies to match them.  Tom spent 30 minutes explaining the perfect leaders and tippet lengths for technical presentations.  I demonstrated various casts and mending techniques to fish decoys we placed strategically in the river.  These are just a few of the many topics we cover throughout the week.


John-JuracekWe never stop casting.  Each day starts with casting to targets after breakfast.  John leads these drills and also teaches a few handy dry fly casts such as the Pile Cast and Reach Cast.  These casts make it trickier to hit the targets but you don’t get to go fishing until you master the skills!


flyfishing-instructionSpeaking of fishing, each afternoon we hit the water together as a group.  The Henry’s Fork was on fire with big rainbows rising to Pale Morning Duns, ants and beetles and the occasional Mahogany Dun this week.  There were few moments when a student didn’t have a fish to practice on.  We instructors watched and assisted as needed and each afternoon several beautiful fish were caught.


flyfishingWe wrapped up the course yesterday at 11 AM.  You build nice relationships with students over the week and its sad to say goodbye.  I can only hope to meet and fish together with them again at some point in my life.


trout-schoolIf you’re interested in taking a course from the School of Trout, there are two spaces left for the Basic School this October and dates for next year’s classes will post soon.  Best to contact Todd sooner than later!


I’m staying close to home this weekend and early next.  As usual there’s lots to do from editing fish pics to finishing an article.  I will certainly enjoy a few bike rides and runs during my breaks.  And big news, I’ll be packing.  I’m headed for the Midnight Sun on Friday – details to come!


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