A Fly Fishing for Bull Trout Day to Remember

by | Mar 7, 2022 | fly fishing for bull trout

bull-troutHigh wind was in the forecast for today and we believed it.  The wind was howling at the Robertson’s house as we drank coffee here in Bend, OR.  Windy enough that Sarah and Granny both opted to skip out on fishing with Scott and I on Lake Billy Chinook for bull trout.


flyfishing-OregonI really wanted Granny to catch nice bull trout and Scott felt the same for Sarah.  We were both disappointed when the girls dropped out.  But at the same time, we both know that whenever someone drops out of a fishing trip, fishing is great.  And now that two people dropped out, fishing for bull trout might just be fantastic.  Off we went.


Lake-Billy-ChinookWe arrived at Billy Chinook at 10 AM.  By the time we snaked around the giant reservoir to Perry South, towing Scotts boat all the way, it was nearly 11.  The wind we experienced earlier was gone and the sun heated the Oregon territory to over 50°.  The weather was so wonderful as we launched that we both looked to each other and at the same moment said, “The girls blew it this time”.


Scott-Robertson-flyfishingFirst stop was the bay where I lost my monster on Friday.  We eased in, joking that perhaps we’d get that monster I broke off and get my fly back.  We made some casts with no luck at first.  Then we both let our flies sink deep into about 15 feet of water.  I missed a strike then Scott went tight and he landed a dandy.  Not nearly the size of the one I lost Friday however.  Scott was fishing a weighted chartreuse concoction of a fly.


bull-trout-fishingWe landed several smaller bull trout after Scotts nice one.  Then reeled up and headed into the Metolius River arm.  The wind picked up as we arrived here but we fished here on Friday and had an idea where the fish were.  On the first cast Scott and I doubled up and each landed a nice bull trout.




Currier-bull-troutDuring the next two hours Scott and I each landed a half dozen or so more bull trout.  Many of these fish were robust 20 plus inch fish.  I caught a hefty one well over the 20” mark that may in fact be my new largest bull.  Even though Billy Chinook has the best bull trout population in the lower 48, so good you can keep one if you want, I released this beauty without measuring or weighing her.  I’ll always remember the monster.


flyfishingScott and I made our last casts at around 5 PM.  The sun was low on Billy Chinook and the canyon walls were lit with the evening glow.  A covey of chukar partridge worked their way to the lakes edge for water.  This is a new place for me and I very much fell in love with it on my two days here with Scott.  I’ll be back for sure.


catch-and-releaseTomorrow Granny and I head for White Salmon, WA to fish with my friend Mike LaSota.  Mike and I fish together every year.  Last year we chased huge smallies and walleye on the Columbia River.  Later this week we’re bound to do the same!


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