Lake Winnipesaukee Vacation Winds Down

by | Jun 29, 2018 | fly fishing Lake Winnipesaukee

Yesterday was a deluge of rain here in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.  Granny and I didn’t even get out fishing.  It was a bummer because it was her last day here.  I’m staying through tomorrow.  I used the day for catching up on my blog and organizing some speaking bookings for winter 2019.  I even did up a speckled trout on a Cliff Box for a customer I met down on Georgia last week.


This morning I was up at 5 taking Granny to the bus for Logan Airport in Boston.  She should just about be arriving in Idaho as I write.  After a leisurely morning at camp my nieces arrived and asked if I’d take them paddle boarding.  I can paddle myself no problem.  One kid on the board with me is usually ok.  But I was challenged to two kids at the same time.  You can tell by the picture it didn’t go so well but was fun nonetheless.


Tonight after dinner my sister and I went out on Lake Winnipesaukee for smallmouth.  The lake has become so busy for the 4th of July holiday that there must have been a hundred boats racing past us while we were trying to fish from the canoe.  The boat waves made the canoeing a bit dicey.  I pulled a miracle 12” smallie from under the dock where Jimmy Fallon is staying.  He was outside relaxing with his family.


I’d like to get out again tomorrow and have on last good smallmouth bass session, but seriously, the lake has become a junk show of speeding boats and jet skis.  The plan is to get up early and try to beat the rush.  Just one more nice warmwater game fish!


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