Warmth and Overcast Brings Bigger Pike

by | Feb 14, 2020 | fishing at Manitowish Waters Wisconsin

Wisconsin-MuskieThe temperature rose dramatically the last 24 hours here in the Great Northwoods of Wisconsin.  Instead of below zero temps, today started at around 10° and rose to a whopping 26°.  About a 40 degree difference from yesterday.




The trade off was overcast skies with some snow showers.  I’ll take that in a heartbeat.  In fact, it’s the overcast and warm days that usually provide the best fishing.  The fish didn’t let us down.


Yesterday our tip-up flags probably went off a measly dozen times.  We had at least 20 flags before noon today.  Most were little pike like you see here.  No doubt Larry was stoked with the improved action!


You can never tell how big a fish is when the flag pops.  When you get to tip-up you can often see the spindle spinning.  If its flying around its generally a good fish.  But just because its not spinning doesn’t mean its small or there’s no fish.


Jeff-Currier-pike-fishingA flag popped and when I arrived the spindle was completely still and only a few inches of line had been taken.  I eased the tip-up out of the hole and grabbed the line.  Gently I retrieved it between my fingers until I felt weight.  Then I set the hook and it was off to the races.


It’s a good fight with a pike through the ice.  We weren’t using wire so that calls for extra careful handling.  A quick head snap from the pike and the leader is easily shredded.  You need to feel it coming then give a little.  After a few minutes I hoisted this beautiful 31 incher through the hole.


WI-Ice-ShackWe enjoyed a feast on the ice to go with our excellent fishing.  Not only did we have Joe Peska’s killer homemade French fries and fresh fish, but new addition to this trip, Chip, brought several pounds of shrimp.  When you have a shack and eat like a king on the ice – that’s true Wisconsin ice fishing!


ice-fishingIt’s a great time up here in northern WI despite it being winter.  Tonight we hit the famous Little Bohemia Restaurant.  A ton of history at this place that involved the Chicago gangster of the 1930’s, John Dillinger.


That’s all for today.  Its not guaranteed but we are planning to fish a couple hours tomorrow morning before a pub crawl during the Daytona 500.  Life is good!


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