Cameroon – A Fly Fishing Trip for the Books!

by | Mar 13, 2019 | fly fishing Cameroon | 4 comments

fishing-CameroonI was woken by the thump of the wheels dropping and the whine of the engines of my Air France Boeing 777 descending into Paris this morning. The sun was rising. There were two full untouched plastic cups of red wine on my table.  I guess the Cameroon trip wore me out so much I slept from takeoff in Douala to landing in Paris.


fishing-Nile-perchJako, Nick and I met outside the plane.  From Paris they were flying to Minneapolis and I to Salt Lake City.  We said our goodbyes and I took off to the Air France Lounge.  For years I’ve pondered the thought of using the lounge showers but never had.  Today was the day.  And I’m even so smart that two days ago in Garoua I put a change of fresh clean clothes in my Yeti Panga Backpack.  It was one of the best showers in recent memory and once in my clean clothes it was then it hit me, I was heading home.


Delta-oneBest of all, when I got to my gate for my Delta 11 hour flight for Salt Lake City I learned I’d been bumped to 1st Class (Delta One).  Hell yes.  I’m glad I fly a ton!  Over the next half a day from 38,000 feet I wrote blogs, drank good wine, stretched out the bed for occasional naps, ate shrimp, enjoyed my views of Greenland and indulged on a sundae with extra hot fudge.


Jeff-Currier-Nile-pechBest of all though, I reminisced about the last two weeks in Cameroon.  I’m certain there are parts of these blogs that made the trip seem rough.  All I can say is these types of adventures aren’t for sissies, but I promise you when I get my next invite, I’ll be there again.  This trip treated me to some of the best fishing that nature has to offer in one of the most remote and spectacular places left on earth!


CameroonA special thanks goes to TouretteKeithGregStu and Ed Truter for letting me be part of this wild journey.  And thanks to all my fantastic sponsors that not only make these adventures feasible but also provide me with the gear to catch the largest, hardest fighting fish on the planet!

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  1. Mark S Cooper

    OMG, tough flight you little snowflake you….LOL I bet that was a nice change of pace and no fly bites!!

  2. Kevin Yoshida

    Wow what an adventure Jeff! Thanks for bringing us along for the ride! Welcome home!

  3. Jeff

    Glad you enjoyed Kevin. Insane great adventure! And yes Cooper, that flight home was SWEETNESS!

  4. Pete Erickson

    My man! My man!
    Great trip Jefe!

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