Friends of the Teton River Bumper Sticker

blog-May-10-2014-1-yellowstonecutthroatDo you like fishing the Teton River of Idaho and its many tributaries?  If so you should be fans of Friends of the Teton River (FTR).  This non profit organization works with the Teton Valley community to ensure clean water, healthy streams and abundant fisheries in the upper Teton watershed.


blog-May-10-2014-ftr-jeff-currier-fish-artI was recently asked to donate artwork so they could create a bumper sticker-like stamp to be used to raise funds for future projects.  Until recently I’ve only painted the fish – no movement – only the fish.  After much practice, I came up with this rising cutthroat with the back side of the Tetons in the distance.  The end result – the Friends of the Teton River bumper sticker of which I already have proudly stuck to the back of my Explorer.


Everyone who fishes in Idaho should be sporting this cool looking sticker.  Soon you can order them online at the FTR website.  However, if you want to be one of the first to get one contact FTR direct at or do it the old fashioned way and mail a $10 check to:


Friends of the Teton River (FTR)

Atten: Conservation Sticker

P.O. Box 768

Driggs, ID 83422


If you happen to be in Teton Valley on June 6, that’s the night of the 7th Annual Fishermen’s Dinner at Teton Springs.  I’ll be the guest speaker this year doing a short presentation called “Other Amazing Fish”.  Space is limited so get your tickets in advance by calling (208) 354-3871


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