Penns Creek with Joe Humphreys

We didn’t get moving too quickly today.  You can imagine getting home from the big Penn State Football game last night at 1 AM.  We were tired and took our time this morning with coffee at the cabin then a big breakfast at a little cafe.  Then Joe took us on a scenic hour drive to Penns Creek, a new river for Jerry and me.


Penns is a beautiful stream in the boonies of Pennsylvania.  Unlike Spruce Creek there aren’t nearly as many trout here.  Most the trout are wild browns and from what we saw today – they are few and far between come October.  I continued to fish my ant while Joe and Jerry stuck to their nymphs.


We fished from about 1 PM until 3:30. Not a long period of time but we’re celebrating the end of this three-day adventure with a nice dinner tonight back at the Tavern with Joes friend Ann.  Despite the short amount of time Joe hiked us along to see as much of this river as possible.


None of us were skunked despite the lack of many trout.  Joe and Jerry each nymphed up a couple small trout and I played with a dozen or so baby fallfish.  I used to catch fallfish growing up in New Hampshire and these were my first in over 30 years.  Not big but fun nonetheless.


It’s been a fantastic fun filled three days here in Pennsylvania.  A very special thanks to Joe Humphreys for inviting Jerry and I for a second year.  I could seriously get used fishing back here more often.  It’s different than back home.  It’s beautiful.  And the fishing can be excellent.


Jerry and I are flying home tomorrow.  We’re hoping to make a few casts at Fisherman’s Paradise on the way to the airport.  I saw a few carp there last year so I packed along a few carp flies.  Unless I catch one, this is it from State College, PA with Joe Humphreys and Jerry Arnold for 2017.


The next fishing for me will be Wednesday through Friday for our annual guides trip.  It should be a spectacle as always!

Don’t forget Christmas is coming fast.  Check out my new fish decals.  There’s a chance for some free decals too!  And as always – my coffee mugs and beer steins are the ultimate gift for the angler who has EVERYTHING!


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